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Product Review: SIGG Maxi Lunch or Storage Box

Are you looking for a new eco-friendly lunch box or storage box? Look no further. I have discovered the SIGG aluminum Maxi box. The good people at SIGG were nice enough to give me one of their SIGG Maxi boxes for me to try out and review. You can see the SIGG Maxi boxes here or here.

SIGG offers sleek boxes in fun bold colors that are perfect for containing your lunch, snack items or toting your school art supplies. Offered in hues of green, blue, fuchsia and silver, these boxes ward off moisture and mold with their aluminum composition and for that reason are also odor resistant. Light, durable with a slick appearance, this a multi-functional box your child will be excited to take to school. They also make for an easy canvas for children to decorate with stickers or puffy paint so they can customize their container.

My wife uses the Maxi box for taking her lunch to work. It is the perfect size (8.97″ x 5.70″ x 3.03″). It is very lightweight, but also very strong. The maxi box is engineered very well as it holds up to being dropped repeatedly. This box is a great investment as it will last for years. I would recommend the SIGG Maxi box to anyone for using at school, while hiking or camping or storing any small items.

SIGG aluminum boxes are practical and versatile – use them for your little snacks in between meals or as a simple storage box for your office, kitchen or bedroom. Each box is made from durable anodized aluminum with a leak-proof rubber seal. Each box is made with EcoCare liner, which is BPA-free and phthalate-free ingredients.

SIGG is best known for their eco-friendly aluminum bottles, which can be found here.

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