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Eco Tips and Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

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We’re slowly learning that the overuse of cleaning products can damage not only the environment, but also our health when used in the home. With many bottles that we pick up to clean our bathroom’s branded with large clear lettering stating ‘caution’ maybe it’s time we used a little less harmful products and instead saved both money and the environment with some homemade solutions.

A Multi-Purpose Cleaner

This sort of blend will be required throughout your bathroom and luckily, it’s really easy and cheap to make. Simply mix your washing powder with some warm water and pour into a spray bottle. This is ideal for a range of different surfaces and will give you a fresh and hygienic space to relax in. This can also be mixed with a small amount of washing up liquid for some extra shine and freshness.

Make Rags, Save Riches

Don’t waste your money spending a small fortune on new cloths to clean your bathroom, use the resources you already have available to you. An old t-shirt makes the perfect cleaning companion and it’s great for the environment too. My reusing existing cloths, mops, dusters and rags after an intensive wash, you’re avoiding the use of disposable materials such as paper towels – and therefore being much more eco-friendly.

Mirrors and Windows

Window and glass cleaner is both expensive and damaging to the environment, especially when there is an inexpensive alternative. By creating a white vinegar and water solution, you can make the perfect window cleaner for a much lower price. Before you throw this morning’s paper in the big, scrunched up pages from the tabloids make great window cleaning material and avoid the cloth marks too.

The Brilliance of Baking Powder

Not only is baking powder a friend to bakers and chefs, it also works miracles in the bathroom too. Ideal for cleaning your ceramics, a solution of baking powder and water will wipe away dirt and grime with ease, without leaving behind any residue. It can also be used on stubborn stains when left on to soak in.

Eliminate Odours

Tea tree oil is the perfect, natural ingredient to eliminate odours in the bathroom. Coupled with an old toothbrush and a few drops of hot water, the removal of mould from tile grouting will be also a quick and easy task. Spraying tea tree oil in areas that require antiseptic care is always beneficial, an ideal solution for vomit and other body rejections.

A guest by Michael Smith from bathrooms4all – purveyors of bathroom suites and shower enclosures.

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