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How Drinking Coffee Can Heal Your Thyroid

In modern times most people out there believe that coffee is bad for your health. Seriously there are groups of people out there that are completely against it regardless of what evidence you may bring to prove against their theories. There are also many so called medical experts out there that claim coffee is extremely addictive and should be made illegal.

However if you take a look at many recent studies that have been carried out then you will see that coffee has amazing protective benefits not found else where. If you actually look at the facts you will come to realize that coffee is in fact a nutrient and not a drug as many people believe it to be.

Personally coffee was something that I always loved but I gave it up long time ago when people kept telling me that it was destroying my health. But when I actually did my own research and started to review all the science and research that was behind coffee I came to realise that it could help to restore my thyroid and boost my metabolism at the same time.

Now as more and more research is coming out, we can appreciate that coffee really is something amazing that a person can use to reactivate their thyroid and actually overcome their hypothyroidism for good. I would recommend that coffee be a part of every person’s hypothyroidism diet.

Coffee and its Connection To Your Thyroid

Seriously if you want to improve your health then you have to make sure that your thyroid is in full working order.

If you go back to basics you will come to see that the thyroid basically is the thing that allows the cells in your body to produce energy. If you suffer from hypothyroidism, then your bodies metabolism goes right down and your cells are just not able to produce the energy that they require. Of course if this continues over a prolonged period of time then you will get diseases and just ultimately die.

It really is as simple as that my friend.

Scientists all over the world are coming to realise that the key to long life is to improve the condition of a person’s thyroid so that it can consistently help the body to produce the energy that it requires to live.

So what does any of this have to with coffee?

The largest coffee study that was ever done was recently published by the New England Journal of Medicine which involved over 400,000 participants. Its goal was to see the connection between the people that drank coffee and mortality. You can find more information here,

When the study was completed and the results were compiled it was clear that those people that drank coffee not only lived for longer but the more they happened to drink the longer they actually lived.

The reason the coffee drinker lives longer is because the coffee itself helps the cells in the human body produce more energy thereby increasing your bodies metabolism and ultimately helping your thyroid work properly.

But unfortunately this study wasn’t able to understand the exact reasons and processes that caused coffee to help a person to live longer.

Now I am going to go through some of the best benefits coffee will give you as a person that suffers from hypothyroidism.

1. Coffee Prevents Thyroid Disease

If you don’t already know then let me tell you this… coffee has a profound impact on how well your thyroid glands function.

Whether you are talking about benign or malignant forms of thyroid disease you will have a massively reduced chance of getting either if you just drink coffee. Research studies such as this one have been conducted to find out whether or not coffee actually prevents thyroid disease.

This study and many like it have shown that there is a massive correlation between those people that drink coffee and the reduced chances of them getting thyroid disease, even thyroid cancer.

Regardless of how serious your hypothyroidism is you will be glad to know that by drinking coffee you will be able to significantly improve your condition.

2. Coffee Reduces The Risks of Cancer and Estrogen Production

Not only does coffee help to reduce the chances of you getting thyroid cancer but it also helps reduce the chances of you getting any other forms of cancer too. There was a research study done to try and find the connection between breast cancer and the women that drank coffee. You can find it over at, where you will see that those women who drank a lot of coffee were less prone to developing breast cancer.

The fact is that most people out there don’t know that there is a link between those that have hypothyroidism and breast cancer. This is because of one specific hormone and that is estrogen. This hormone is responsible for suppressing the thyroid gland from doing its job which of course results in the person’s metabolism to reduce which increases the chances of that person developing cancer.

The great thing about coffee is that it promotes the production of the hormone progesterone. This hormone actively reduces the negative attributes associated with estrogen. So ultimately this hormone helps to keep your thyroid running at full capacity.

3. Coffee Prevents Liver Dysfunction

It has been shown that coffee has another really great benefit and that is of protecting your liver. There have been many studies that have proven this to be true. This study has shown us that there are many benefits that your liver will experience when you drink coffee.

Your liver is an extremely important part of how well your thyroid actually functions. It is the place where inactive T4 hormone is converted to the active T3 variation. This is the version that your cells require to produce the energy that they need. It is a fact that the vast majority of people that suffer from hypothyroidism do so because of liver dysfunction.

So it is really important that you take care of your liver as much as you can. Start by drinking more coffee because this alone will help your liver to deliver on its duty to convert thyroid hormone and make sure that your thyroid is working as it should be doing.

Trust me I’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to discovering the benefits that come with drinking coffee. This one drink will do you wonders, especially if you are suffering from hypothyroidism.

With all the pills out there that people claim to help cure your hypothyroidism, the best results often come from those small unexpected sources. So stock up on that coffee and enjoy it all you can.

I would recommend that as part of your hypothyroidism treatment you start to introduce more coffee. It will help to bring life back to your thyroid. If you want to learn more about overcoming your hypothyroidism for good then I’d encourage you to check out Kevin’s site over at where he gives much more in-depth advice.

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