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Heat Your Floors with Solar Power

Electric radiant floor heat is quickly becoming a popular feature in newer homes, not only because of its energy efficiency but also because of its ability to keep people warm at lower temperatures than conventional heating systems. The radiant heat is distributed evenly across the surface of the floor and radiates upward, enveloping the inhabitants in a continuous feeling of warmth that doesn’t dissipate the way heat does with forced-air heating systems, which circulate heated air around the room along with dust and allergens. Electric radiant floor heat is an excellent choice for those who suffer from severe allergies.

Coupled with solar power, electric radiant floor heating can not only save you money, it can earn you money in the form of negative energy usage. Solar panels are added to the home and connected to a circuit board, which then distributes the energy throughout the home. By connecting the electric radiant floor heating system to this electrical system, you can efficiently heat your home with solar power.

In spite of its wonderful heating capabilities and energy efficiency, solar powered radiant floor heat should not be depended on to heat the home all by itself. In the winter months, when there are many cloudy days or when the sun is not bright enough, the solar panels may be unable to store enough energy to heat an entire home. During these conditions, traditional heating methods must be in place to provide additional heat to the home as needed.

Another thing to consider is the size and layout of the home as well as how well it is insulated. Electric radiant floor heat works well in smaller, cozier homes and the heating benefits go up in homes that are well insulated. For homes with large rooms, wide open layouts, or poor insulation, radiant floor heating may not work as well, at least not for heating the entire home. In those cases, radiant floor heating would work best if confined to smaller areas, such as bathrooms or bedrooms, while traditional heating methods are used to heat the rest of the home.

Solar powered radiant floor heating can be a costly investment, but the energy efficiency, comfort, and health benefits are well worth the price. Put an end to cold spots, cold feet, and high energy bills. offers a wide selection of electric floor heating products.

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