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How Being a Safe Driver Can Save You Money on UK Car Insurance

Driving safely can save you money in a number of ways. Being a safe driver involves obeying all traffic rules and signs such as wearing your safety belt, driving at or below the posted speed limit and driving without aggression on roadways. Such driving habits can minimize your risk of having an accident, and this in itself can help you to save money. Keep in mind that your insurance policy may pay for most of your accident-related expenses, but you will still be responsible for paying your excess. Being a safe driver can also help you to save money on the regular expense of your UK car insurance premium. Kwik-Fit Insurance provides car insurance quotes.

Lower Rates

One of the key factors that affect your car insurance rates is your driving history. Your driving history is a statement that shows your history of accidents and traffic citations, and it includes all driving-related events for the past several years. Being a safe driver can eliminate the possibility of you getting traffic citations, and it also can minimize your risk of being in an accident. Not every accident will be your fault, but by driving at a slower speed and less aggressively, you can avoid some accidents that others may have caused. With an excellent driving history, you will enjoy lower rates on your car insurance premium than other drivers who have blemishes on their driving history.


There are a number of driver’s safety courses that you can take in an online format as well as in a classroom-style setting. These courses are designed to teach you how to be safe on the road. They provide you with real-life tips and strategies to avoid causing accidents as well as to drive defensively and prevent being involved in an accident when others are driving recklessly. This education can help you to improve your driving history, and it may qualify you for a lower rate on your insurance premium too.

Safe Driver Discount

Another great way that you can save money by being a safe driver is through a safe driver discount. Rate discounts are provided to drivers in a number of ways. Some discounts are provided to drivers who simply take a driver’s safety course, but others are provided to those who have an excellent driving history. There are also discounts available for drivers who maintain an accident-free driving history for a certain number of years. Discounts are most commonly applied to the premium, but you may also enjoy a discount on your excess too.

Every time you get behind the wheel of a car, you make decisions that ultimately can result in the ability to lower the cost of your car insurance. Choosing to drive safely each and every time you operate a vehicle is a great way to avoid the cost of accidents and to lower your insurance rates too.

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