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Yoga Workout: Easiest Way to Lose Your Weight in Healthier Way

Yoga has been in practice for centuries, which is well-known and noted for its many health benefits. Its own appeal is eternal and it extends across the universe, from its simple beginnings in India to the in excess in life of its famous celebrity followers. Yet, if we are talking about yoga as as an activity to reduce weight, some people may frown upon it. Because research shows that yoga exercise does not raise heart rate enough to burn off the calories and to do those you need a lot of physical activity, and yoga is more on relaxing the body, and even some say it just exercises the spirit. The whole scenario of weight loss is so complex and we have a complete misunderstanding of the effect of genetic factors such as individual willpower, lifestyle and food addiction.

As such with yoga, it is one of the best way in reducing weight for the reason that it has no side effects on the body. It is basically meant to proportionate the body in conformity to your height and weight. The whole mechanism of yoga to your body is simple yet very effective. It merely acts on the metabolism of the body and also on your fat cells. In deep breathing, yoga increases the oxygen intake and primarily goes to the cells of your body. And that also seeps in to the fat cells which in turn burn in contact to oxygen. And yoga can also help an individual overcome his anxiety which may be a reason for overeating. Let us now try to look at ways yoga can help us lose weight:

  • Shoulder stand activates the thyroid gland. It is an inverted pose that basically massages thyroid activity.
  • Encourage the gastrointestinal tract to be stimulated. A weak gastrointestinal tract may promote poor digestion and also weight gain. An indolent liver may mess up the metabolism of your body. And having an active liver is a good way of eliminating cravings since you are digesting food properly.
  • Power up inner body heat and boost heart rate with the sun salutation. This program finished instantly is an exclusion to the non-aerobic law. Not everybody makes use of it. You will find twelve distinct postures to go through in a series without maintaining any one of the positions if you need that cardiovascular rate to soar. The sun salutation are done in short standing pauses.
  • Healthy strength building by running the muscles with balancing postures helps produce much better metabolism with all round muscular strength without pulling iron


Health Benefits in doing Yoga

Strength – this is needed for a lot of yoga poses because you need to support the weight of your body such as balancing with one leg. It also requires you to move slowly within the poses and this increases strength.

Better Breathing – a lot of us breathe shallowly into the lungs and we don’t give much emphasis to it. But in yoga, breathing exercises also called Pranayama, gives importance on the breath and also directs us to better use our lungs.

Mental Calmness – By concentrating on what your body is doing has an effect of bringing calmness to the mind. And also yoga teaches meditation techniques.


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