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Sep 24

Useful Tips for Your Checklist When Moving Home

checklist when moving homeThere are so many things to take into consideration when moving home comes to the agenda. Deciding on what to do first and how to prioritize everything is the hardest thing to do sometimes. That is why there is a big need of having a proper checklist, so you can follow it prior, during and after the day of the big move.

In this way, you will have the best means of keeping track of everything happening with your belongings.

The checklist you are going to follow when planning your move needs to be printed out and kept always on hand, whether or not you are using the services of a professional moving company.

Do not stress out if you see that your checklist has gotten very long, and you think that will not be able to mark off all the points in it. Having a detailed list shows your dedication to doing a good job, and it can only be of your help.

The most professional movers recommend starting the organization of your move in advance of at least two months. That is not always possible because there are cases when people have to deal with a short-notice move, and the best solution for them is hiring a removal company.

If you are not forced to act fast, by such short terms, you can take your time and spread it carefully, starting by the most important point on your checklist, namely, setting the moving date. You have to avoid choosing Fridays or holidays, when most removal services are in high demand, so the best time to schedule your move is mid-week.

Then, you can start examining your new community and doing all the needed address changes and transfers of your memberships.

Having six weeks in advance will be enough time for you to plan and mark down all the details about moving your valuables and fragile items. You can start clearing your home by sorting out all of your possessions and deciding which ones you will keep or give away. This is going to be a perfect time for planning a garage sale.

Another point that you might consider in your checklist is to start using items that are not going to be moved, such as the hazardous materials that are not allowed for transportation by the removal companies or any frozen foods.

When there is just a month left before you are to move out, it is time to provide all the moving supplies and boxes, whether you order them or find them for free.

Now is the time to begin packing up the items you will not be using anytime soon. Also, never forget to label each box in very clear letters, with its contents and the room it is going.

Another important point, not to miss in your checklist, is to notify the utility services, such as water, gas, electric, of your move.

Do not forget your pets and that their transportation needs to be secured as well, so get that covered at least a month before your moving date.

When there is just a week before you’re moving out, you should make sure that the parking for the removal van is assured, so no rush is going to stress you at the last moment.

If you take into consideration the tips listed above and take the needed actions prior to your move, you can rest assure that everything will fall into place.


  1. Sarah M.

    " least two months" it’s too much time for me.. the last time I had only a week to move from Charlotte, NC to Richmond, VA. It was a big experience for me and my husband James 🙂 We just "packed" every room in a colored box ( living room – blue, kitchen – green, etc.) and that really help :))

  2. Sarah M.

    Hi, again. I just wanna share some "after settled" advices with you. I hope they will help you too on your new place.
    -As you are unpacking make sure you note any damages caused by the movers and watch the deadline for insurance claims.
    -You should obtain your necessary IDs such as driver’s license, health card, etc.
    -Register your vehicles at your new address. Most states allow 90 days grace period.
    -Find new doctors, dentists, etc. depending on what your needs are.
    -Confirm that mail is arriving at your new home.
    -Walk in your neighborhood to get a good idea what is around and where to find things.
    -Check opening and closing hours of service facilities and stores.
    -And make some new friends 🙂

  3. Sarah M.

    Hello, again!

    If you are moving with delicate and valuable items like antiques and if you don’t want to risk the safety of your items, then I suggest you work with an experienced and qualified moving company!

    Before the move any item you own that is of extraordinary value should be appraised by a qualified person; you might want to get more than one appraisal. Obtaining an appraisal also may be necessary to verify the value of your personal property for the transferal of your homeowner’s insurance policy.

    I hope this was helpful too 🙂

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