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5 Steps For A Home Water Recycling System

As water bills rise constantly and quality of water dropping at the same time, many people seek for alternatives that would save them money and give them extra water to use. Water recycling systems, also known as greywater, have been around for quite some time but are becoming especially popular these days. Using a greywater in your own home is one of the best ways to ensure that you constantly have clean water available to you, and save money as well as water in the process. Following 5 steps will teach you how you can start recycling water at your own home:

#1 – Follow the guidelines

Before you install a water recycling system in your home you need to know what kind of system your city or your country allows. Not all greywater systems are accepted everywhere. You should check out the guidelines and follow them accordingly. The last thing you want is to have your own recycling in place and law enforcements knocking on your door.

#2 – Decide where you will use water the most

You can use water from water recycling system pretty much anywhere. You can use it to water your garden, a flower bed, trees, bushes, your lawn or all of them together. Make sure that you know which places in your home or your yard needs water the most. Based on the location where greywater will be installed, a place that will use the water the most should be lower than the installed system so that water won’t have any problems flowing to its destination.

#3 – Choose the best place to install a greywater system

Pretty much every home will have many good sources for a water recycling system installation. It is important that the place where the system will be installed has a good plumbing accessibility and is not full of chemicals or other harmful substances. It is best that you stay away from bath or toilet as you put your water at risk to get infected with dangerous pathogens. People mostly use kitchen skin as their source for a grewayter system, but any other suitable place will do.

#4 – Decide which greywater system to install

You will usually have a lot of choices when it comes to buying and installing a water recycling system. You have a choice to have your system installed by a professional team or do it yourself if you know your way around it. Know that as a beginner to greywater system, going for a simpler option may be your best choice.

The simplest greywater system is a pipe that runs from a drain where it is installed to the end point, such as under a bed of mulch. It is vital that the water discharges under a mulch or it can grow bacteria which will make water useless.

#5 – System maintenance

There is usually very little maintenance necessary for majority of water recycling systems. A simple pipe system described above will pretty much stand on its own and will not require any additional work from your part. To keep your greywater system clean and functional, make sure that you do not pour any chemicals down your drain where system is installed.


Those 5 steps are all you need to know to install your own simple water recycling system. There are more advanced system to be used and having a professional taking care of them is usually the best idea.

Author bio: Kerry Blake is a marketing manager at H2O clean a water and he is regularly writing articles related to “green” topics and water recycling: Read more here.

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