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National Nonprofit Launches Green Challenge for High School and College Students

National nonprofit Teens Turning Green is tasking high school and college students everywhere to change their ways and make more environmentally conscious decisions through its Project Green Challenge 2012. Launching in early fall, this challenge is in its second year. Over 2,500 students across more than 500 campuses participated in last year’s challenge and organizers are expecting this year’s event to be even bigger as awareness and knowledge of it spreads.

Taking place over 30 days, the challenge gives participants daily opportunities to “green” their lives across various areas such as food, energy, materials, etc. The small staff of organizers and volunteers seeks to make it a more global effort by ramping up web exposure on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Skype and more. In the past they connected with students in India, Nigeria, Ireland and Australia, and expect nothing less this time around.

Points are awarded based on challenge completion and the top 20 submissions each day will receive prizes. Specific awards and challenges have not yet been decided, but they will definitely be worthwhile.

After the initial 30-day challenge, twelve finalists—chosen based on points, a final exam and video recap—will be flown to California to participate in the 3-day eco summit known as Green University. Here, they will get to mingle and work with several industry-leading experts. The event will be filled with interesting, engaging speakers, informative discussions and much, much more.

The grand prize package for the challenge is valued at $15,000 thanks to the groups supporting partners.

Striving to make a positive difference in the world, Teens Turning Green is an organization with a heart. Their main mission is to get students and young people everywhere involved in the cause for a greener earth.

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