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Easy and Natural Ways to Make Hair Grow Faster

Having a long, thick, silky head of hair like you see on Pantene commercials is nearly every woman’s secret desire. While most of us have resigned ourselves to short, wash-and-go styles that suit our busy lives, or we have had to contend with thinning hair to do age or other factors, most of us would still love to have long hair to play with like we did in our youth. And of course, there are plenty of women that decide to try a short haircut on a whim and end up hating it. So there might be a variety of reasons why you’re looking for ways to make your hair stronger and longer, and at a faster pace. While many people turn to pharmaceuticals or chemical shampoos, conditioners, and other such products, you might not be particularly keen on subjecting yourself to toxins in your attempt to create a long and healthy mane of hair. So here are a few easy and natural ways to speed growth.

The first thing you should consider is whether or not something could be causing your hair to thin or break off as it gets to a certain length. Strong, healthy strands are essential if you’re going to grow your hair long, so if anything is impeding your progress you want to address it. Either way though, there are options to increase the strength of your hair to help it grow longer faster. To begin with you might consider your diet. Believe it or not, your overall state of health and the foods you consume could play a role in how fast your hair grows.

Hair is basically made up of amino acids, which are found in protein. If you don’t have enough in your diet your hair may suffer. So eating proper portions of lean meats, fish, beans, nuts, and so on could show increased growth and strength of hair. Omega 3 fatty acids also play a role as transporters for essential vitamins and minerals. And you should make sure to get plenty of vitamin C, a collagen builder that helps to promote new growth, as well as iron and zinc, which transmit oxygen and repair cells, respectively. You should also drink plenty of water to ensure that your system is flushing toxins that could be damaging to hair and skin.

In addition, you’ll want to pay attention to what you apply to hair. Shampoos, styling products, and heat can all damage hair, causing it to split and break rather than continuing to grow. You should avoid harsh chemicals, waxes that can build up on your scalp and clog follicles, and heat treatments. Regular trims can help to stop split ends before they travel further up the hair shaft, but the best bet is to treat your hair well. If you have damaged hair plus shampoo and conditioner that is damaging it further you’re not going to grow the long tresses you desire, so start with organic hair products (like those from Dr. Bronner’s) and strengthen locks with homeopathic therapies such as biotin and natural oil treatments. Sometimes the trick to growing longer hair faster is simply ensuring that you’re not losing strands to weakness along the way.

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