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Sep 27

Tips for Green Relocation

Relocating to a new house is a tedious job. It requires a lot of planning, packing, moving and unpacking. But one thing that we tend to overlook while relocating is the impact of our negligence on the environment. We buy loads of packing boxes only to throw it in dumps after unpacking, buy plastic bubble wraps when newspapers would easily suffice and hire high emissive trucks and thus further polluting the environment.

Owing to the increasing environmental concerns, green relocation is an emerging trend amongst the relocation services. They implement some environment friendly relocation techniques which are easy to adopt and generate great ecological benefits. Thus, if you are one of those who want to do their part in environment protection, here are few tips that can help you:

  • Divide your relocation process in smaller, manageable steps. In addition, avoid packing unnecessary items. While moving, we can save half of the expenditure if we become realistic about the things that should actually be moved. Narrow down the list to the items you are sure about using and put up the rest of the items in a garage sale or donate them.
  • If you have an option of two small trucks and one larger one, go for one large truck. This would not only be cost effective for you, but would save fuel as well. In addition, if you are planning to drive the truck yourself then opt for one large truck unless you want to overspend on an extra driver.
  • Buy used card boards from local relocation services. These movers do not reuse the boxes as they have strict rules of one time usage. Thus, instead of paying more for the fresh boxes buy the cheaper used ones as they are equally good. In addition, you can use the bear or wine boxes as they are sturdy enough and are generally available in houses.
  • Instead of buying the bubble wraps, use old newspapers. Bubble wraps do nothing more than withstanding the shocks incurred during the relocations which can be done by the shredded newspaper as well. All you need to do is shred as many newspaper you can and fill them in between the items while packing them.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies. While cleaning an old place use bio-degradable products which are easily available in stores. These products are cheaper and are made up in eco-friendly environment.
  • Hire professional movers who abide by the green relocation practices. Sometimes you need the service of the self storage services for temporary storage of the items. So before hiring any storage solution, check whether it abides by the environment friendly norms or not.
  • If any local relocation service near you does not implement eco-friendly services, urge them to do so. Upon the customers’ demand, these companies would have to abide by such green practices.

Natalie Diaz lives in London and loves the busy work-culture in her city. As writer, Natalie focuses on writing the best possible way. Here creativity is not limited to just writing. In her leisure time she works on landscaping projects as well. Her present article is focused around Self Storage Company and services extended by such companies.


  1. Umesh sharma

    This really a nice article and I liked it. I am also an Eco conscious person and now big fan of this blog as well

  2. Umesh sharma

    This really a nice article and I liked it. I am also an Eco conscious person and now big fan of this blog as well

  3. Michael Maloney

    I know of a couple of friends who have moved to Singapore for work. They have rented out their places in Northern Beaches. Though they missed having Pittwater and Scotland Island, and the various water activities, they proceeded to move over to Singapore, to at least try out it. After renting out appropriate storage space in Pittwater, they ventured out in Singapore. Because they have been living a ‘green’ way of life in Australia in general, they tend to do the same in the city-state. Whenever they move to a different place, as they would find ways and means to find ‘greener’ alternatives, like when packing their items, they get used boxes from the local supermarket. They rent a smaller lorry for removal, and keep their items at a minimum, for they know that they are still going back to Australia after a couple of years. So far, they are enjoying it in Singapore.

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