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Going Green On Your Auto Transport With A EPA Smartway Transport Partner

When it comes to booking auto transport, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind. From rates to the type of transport you want, it can be hard to keep each detail straight. However, if going green is important to you, then you might want to consider booking with someone that is working within the confines of the EPA Smartway program.

This program, launched by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, is geared towards reducing emissions created by transport vehicles. It was launched in 2004 and is also charged with creating incentives that will help to improve fuel efficiency among members of the supply chain in the U.S. When you are booking auto transport, it’s always good to find out if your chosen company is among those participating in this program in order to become more green in every way.

In addition to determining whether or not your vehicle transport company is involved, you might also ask if they are utilizing SmartWay vehicles or partnering with other suppliers and companies that have green-friendly policies in place. You can do your part by opting for the most environmentally-friendly modes of transport. For instance, instead of personal transport by a driver, you might opt for open-air transport on a trailer with other vehicles being transported in order to cut down on time, resources and waste. You can also do your part by maintain the levels of fluids in your car and keeping the weight low before dropping your car off for transport, so that there are less resources being used in the process of moving it from one point to the next during auto transport.

This is why All States Worldwide Auto Transport solicits quotes from a number of auto transport operators, including those working within the SmartWay program. It ensures that consumers have a number of environmentally-friendly options anytime they are interested in booking auto transport services.

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