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Water Fuelled Cars-Going the Green Way

The Need

It is a known fact that every nation is struggling and striving to keep their national budget in balance. A major chunk of reserves are spent every year on oil procurement. Whether it is by way of fuel for cars or other transport vehicles or LPG for cooking, oil resources have constantly dented a nation’s reserve and widened the deficit more than the surplus for developing nations.

The US has always been a major consumer of oil resources. In fact, being the major customer of oil producing nations, we often govern the oil pricing globally as well. Any changes in our oil dealings will have a severe impact on crude oil prices. This in turn will hamper the oil budget of other nations as well. Considering our oil requirements and the financial impact of the same on our national budget, finding a suitable substitute for oil might be of help. It is because of this the concept of water powered cars came into being. Although the very founder of the concept no longer survives, but Stan Meyers, will soon be a legend if his idea is put into mass use. Let’s understand a few minute details of his work.

The Concept

Water powered cars, where cars are powered by using hundred per cent of water is now a reality. This can be achieved by splitting water through electrolysis and creating hydrogen/oxygen gas. When Hydrogen and oxygen are split from water, we get ‘Hydroxy gas’, where the molecules are bonded positively in an ortho-hydrogen state. This is believed to be 2.4 – 4 x’s times more powerful than the ‘para hydrogen’ state. This is because the normal ‘para hydrogen state of hydrogen is milder compared to the ortho-hydrogen state and which is why it can be stored in high pressure glass or metallic containers. The ortho-hydrogen state of hydrogen, being highly powerful, doesn’t give the privilege of being stored in any such way. Therefore, this allows the gas to be used as one drives the car.

This will help in replacing gasoline and effectively powering up the car’s engine. In physics, we may find various experiments and proofs of water being the power generator. There is Faraday’s law, which quotes water as being the primary source powering an Internal Combustible Engine. The engine was powered from Hydrogen, which was derived from water itself! In fact, Stan Meyers, in 1992, had spoken clearly in one of his interviews about his concept.

“Many people do not realize that when a car or truck is run, it is actually being powered by Hydrogen, so using water might be of help as it can be split to form hydrogen.” Stan Meyers had said. He had further added that the National Bureau of Standards figures shows that energy released on using water, is almost two and a half times more powerful than fuel.

Practical Application

Simple installation of a homemade electrolysis cell under the hood of your vehicle may be sufficient enough to transform your car from a diesel or petrol powered to a water-burning hybrid engine. The electricity from the car’s electrical system will help to electrolyse water into oxygen and hydrogen, which will be in gaseous state. This is known as Brown’s gas or HHO state. The gaseous mixture availed will have hydrogen and oxygen in the ratio of 2:1, which means 2 atoms of Hydrogen and 1 atom of Oxygen. This blend of gas will be piped into the intake to replace some gasoline.

This simple experiment has been tried and tested and found to be successful by many. In fact, in Japan, there is a company called ‘Genepax’, which has a prototype running solely on water. As per their video, there is a small gray coloured box in the prototype’s trunk, which is shown to be supplying power to the car engine. It is said that a bottle of Evian or tea or any other aqueous liquid has to be added to generate the power throughout the car’s journey. This will create non-stop power by the engine and not require gasoline at all.

Corporate & Social Benefits

After hearing out the concept, it might be clear as to how it can reduce the nation’s fuel dependency. However, apart from replacing our fuel interest and easing the national budget, it will also aid the nation in fulfilling its social responsibility as well.

The entire world is struggling to combat the environmental concerns. As per the Kyoto Protocol treaty, the US is responsible to aid in reducing its carbon footprint significantly, and also extend help to other developing nations, who do not have suitable resources and funds to achieve the same.

Accepting the concept of water powered cars will bring some relief to the government by way of reducing the carbon footprint, and also in subsequently reducing their dependency on fuel. Since US is considered to be a super power, the single step of reducing fuel dependency and carbon footprint will allow other nations to take cues from them in doing the same. This in turn might help the other developed and developing nations to reduce their fuel requirements and offset their carbon emissions to create a better, healthier world to live in.


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