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House Cleaning Tips to Lighten the Load

Do you ever feel that all you do is clean the house? Does your daily routine go something like this: pick-up dirty clothes, wash the dishes, run the vacuum or sweep the floors and “hit or miss” the dusty areas? What about when company is coming? With a few simple changes in your routine you can keep your house “company ready” any time and on any day of the week. The following tips will lessen the load and give you more time to call your own.

Pick a date each month to thoroughly clean your house. The first of the month, the fifteenth, or the last of month are dates that are easy to remember.

Then mark one day a week to “tidy-up”. Use this day for a quick vacuum or mopping. In this way the heavy load will only fall once a month if the quick clean-ups are done on a regular basis.

Every day pick-up and encourage your family to put in place their clothes, toys, magazines and dirty dishes before they go to bed. Have “friendly” competition on who can clean up the fastest. Reward their efforts. The more that can be done at night will leave more free time next day.

Two cleaning jobs that are the hardest for some to accomplish are floor cleaning and dusting. They can be tedious and “energy eaters”. Why not pump up your favorite music, put on some comfortable clothes, and jive and gyrate to the beat as you make those dust bunnies disappear and those dirty floors sparkle! You will feel rejuvenated and revitalized as you exercise away calories and receive the reward of a dust-free, shiny floor home!

Who doesn’t like a clean bathroom but not so much the scrubbing? Instead of cleaning the bathroom while you are fully dressed, why not tidy the bathroom right before you shower? This way you will not get your hair or your clothes wet. Get in the shower prepared to bathe but first clean the tub and walls of the shower. Afterwards you have only to rinse the tub and the walls and yourself! Think of the water you will save! You will also be less stressed because you and your shower will be clean without dripping hair or clothes!

Try to clean the dishes after each meal. If this is impossible then at least rinse the dishes and set them in the sink. After each use of the stove, remove any food residue from the top, the burners, or the oven. This will prevent build-up and only takes a few minutes to do. Competition among siblings also works well on “kitchen duty”. Remember to always reward the efforts.

House cleaning is a must. Drudgery, frustration and resentment are optional. Choosing fun ways to approach house cleaning not only makes your days less stressful but can put a smile on your face and make the time more enjoyable.

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