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4 Modern Kitchens That Will Inspire Your Remodel

Known as the heart of the home, one’s kitchen is the most popular choice for a remodel. It’s multi-functional: it’s where guests congregate, homework is completed and crafts are perfected. Because of the high traffic it receives, the kitchen plays a vital role towards establishing the style, ambiance and energy for the rest of a home’s design. As the popularity for the modern trend grows within the design industry, the kitchen is often the first place to receive the upgraded look. For those learning to embrace the modern style, the following is a glimpse into four modern kitchen masterpieces to encourage enthusiasm for the style.
Merging both the minimalistic contemporary appearance with “futuristic modern lines,” Snaidero USA offers the Ola20 plan. This award-winning model revolutionizes the way a kitchen appears and operates (just look at that refrigerator!). With the use of sustainable materials, the kitchen is highly functional, with concealed cabinetry that presents itself more as a work of art than traditional cupboard.
Pedini’s Dune model eliminates sharp corners and edges from its look, resulting in a free-flowing, curvy island which accommodates a range (with a look even more unique than its platform) and twin sinks. Designed with eco-friendly materials, cabinets lack obtrusive handles which further contributes to the unit’s curvaceousness. The base’s durable kitchen countertop is customizable with finishes ranging from Cristalan solid surfaces to decorated glass tops as well as stainless steel options.
The future is now. Toncelli recently released the ultimate in luxury: kitchen surfaces that integrate with Samsung Galaxy tablet technology. Now you can cook and refer to recipes with a flick of a touch, or participate in live culinary lectures straight from YouTube. And, if that wasn’t modern enough, the company’s design includes an island equipped with sliding cutting board, automatic open and close cabinetry controlled through invisible handles.
“I’m on a boat!” No…you’re in a kitchen. Maritime lovers rejoice! There is a kitchen design just with you in mind. German kitchen manufacturer, Alno, brings the Marecucina series for seafaring enthusiasts. From its counters to its shape, this kitchen island not only pays homage to the nautical lifestyle, but is quite functional for everyday activities. Cabinets hidden in the hull stow away cutlery while the lighting detail serves as the ship’s sail. Its minimal and sleek design is not to be overlooked,; it surely will become the focal point in any home.
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