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Driving Green: Reduce Emissions Rather Than Buying More

Being Environmental Friendly

If as much was done as is being said about driving green and eco friendly vehicle technology, the world would already be a much better place to live in.

The new concept right now is ‘Driving green’ is, which has fortunately become a very desirable trend and fashion. So, more and more people prefer to buy green vehicles or equip their existing cars with eco-friendly gadgets. This is not a bad trend since it does reduce carbon footprint. But ultimately, where does it lead to?

More the demand for products, more is the production and ultimately, more is the wastage, which is completely against the concept of creating a green world. In addition, more energy is consumed to produce these goods, which is also a step away from the concept of eco-friendliness. Is there another option? Yes, there is. A better solution is to convert your existing car into a green car by reducing pollutant emissions, fuel consumption and adopting energy efficient ways of car maintenance. You can also make changes in the way you drive and handle the car.

How to Reduce Emissions and Save Fuel?

Slowing down could be a great way to reduce emissions. The faster you drive, higher is the fuel burnt and greater are the emissions. The optimal speed for green driving is 45mph. Another benefit of driving slow is that you don’t have to constantly jam the brakes. So, you save more fuel and reduce emissions.

Plan out your route before you leave home. Use the GPS on your phone, if the system is not installed in your car. You could also purchase a standalone GPS. Find out the shortest route to reach destination.

Parking is a much neglected skill by almost all drivers. Incidentally, a lot of fuel is wasted on inefficient ways of trying to get your car into the parking space. Hone your parking skills so that you can smoothly ease the car into the space and save fuel. For every 10 minutes that you waste trying to park, your vehicle emits 5 lbs of carbon dioxide.

Traffic is a harsh reality, (at least until the brains of the world figure out how to create flying cars)*. Until then, since you are stuck on the ground, turn the ignition off when you are at traffic signals or in the middle of a jam. But leave the ignition on if the wait is for less than 30 seconds because your car consumes more fuel to start than it burns during a 30 second idle period.

If you are not aware about clean burning fuels, it is time you sat down for some research. These are fuels which produce up to 17 percent lower pollutants and ozone depleting toxins. They cost just a tad more, but are a huge leap towards creating a green world.

Regulate air conditioning usage. Turn it off a few minutes before you reach your destination. The same applies to car heaters as well. This not only saves fuel, but also reduces emissions. When climate controlling devices are not necessary, shut them off and roll down the windows.

If you can make it work, car pooling is a great way to reduce emissions and save fuel not just on an individual level, but on a community level.

Car maintenance is the most important aspect. You get two benefits out of this. Firstly, your car runs optimally. As a result, emissions and fuel consumption are both lower. Secondly, the life of your car is extended. You can use the car for more years without suffering degrading engine efficiency and subsequent fuel inefficiency. Waste reduces as a result.

Green car maintenance techniques help reduce the carbon footprint, and are eco friendly. Waterless carwashes are one such solution. Another solution is to mix one cup vinegar in 5 gallons water and wash your car with the solution. Vinegar dissolves and removes all the dirt and grime and leaves your car sparkling. So, you don’t need to use shampoos and detergents which require more water for washing. Vinegar mixed with equal quantity of water can be used for flushing radiators.

Finally, you could invest in some solar and wind powered devices and gadgets so that gasoline can be saved and emissions can be reduced.

Using such techniques to reduce emissions is cost effective as well. So, get smart with your existing car and enjoy benefits of green driving.

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