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How to Pack Your Kids Room When Moving

Moving with kids is rather trying for the whole family. Maybe the kids refuse to let you pack their things and will not at all leave their home. It is understandable and I am sure you have everything under control, sort of. As soon as the kids are prepared and aware of the process they will come around, maybe even look forward to the move. This article is going to give you some useful advice on how you can pack up your children’s rooms.

It is important that you let the children be a part of it; after all it is their rooms. Be prepared that they will hold on tight to things they normally wouldn’t keep so close to their hearts. They do this because they feel that they are losing things that are secure to them like friends, school, home, and playground and such. So to take things slow is a good idea. Buy some nice packing supplies for them too; their own box, nice colorful pens that they can mark things with, labels and things like that and make packing a fun experience for them. And all the time preparing them for the fun things they will see once you arrive to the new place, make them look forward to unpack their things into their new room.

What you should do is to go through the things together with them and provide them with a bin where you throw all the things that should be donated (never throw things away; there are too much use for them).

Let your child pack their belongings like toys and clothes in their own pace while you pack all the things that aren’t needed as soon as you get to the other house like winter clothes (if it is summer time) and shoes and such. Also ask your child to put all the things that they want near and easy access to into a box that we will call the “essential box”. Everyone in the family should have one each. The older the kids get the more space you should give them in their room, it is important for them to learn how to be organized. Also they probably want to feel that they are in control of their own packing, though you should of course stick your head in once in a while to see if everything works out for them.
One important thing is not to rush things, make sure that you start preparing your child for the move in good time and let them pack in their own way (at least if they are twelve and older). A couple of days before your move or on the day of your move – depends on how stressed you are – you should double check everything, including your kids rooms. Also make sure that you have a few sets of clothes and other necessities that are needed during the time up till your moving day, during that day and after. Also on the day of your move you should have an extra box prepared in each room for the things that everyone has forgotten to pack. It might be a good idea to let your kids be at grandmas or at a friend’s house on the moving day, if they want to that is.

This will be a stressful and a traumatic time for everyone so just take it easy and talk to each other, things will run by just fine.


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