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Recycling in the Home: Reusing Household Items

Recycling is the cornerstone of living an eco-lifestyle and it is indeed a very important element in achieving a more sustainable environment, but reusing items is also a great way of ensuring that you are cutting down on buying more materials that harm the environment to be created.

If you look around your home I’m sure you’d be able to see numerous items that might be on their last legs, but could be used again for another purpose to lengthen their lifespan. There will be no doubt other items that you’d be surprised can be given a new purpose, despite their condition.

Shopping bags

Plastic shopping bags tend to be collected by everyone; you don’t quite know why you’re collecting them, but you’re convinced that you need to keep hold of them for the future. These can be used again with simple alternatives that can save you money and save on the need for new resources to be used, with such implementations as an alternative to bin bags that can be used all around the house. They can also be used in other places around the house such as in the pantry to keep overspilling products from messing up the floor or the shelves.


Everyone has furniture in the home and at some point its lifespan is considered to be at its end, but don’t throw it out just yet. If you’ve a got a solid oak table in the dining room that you want to replace, consider doing a touch of upcycling and giving a bit of personalised TLC to give it a new lease of life and put it to use elsewhere in the house with a renewed purpose. If the piece of furniture is beyond saving, then place it in your garage or workshop to be used as a work station where you won’t care if it gets battered and bruised even further.


If installing a new kitchen, chances are you’ll be replacing the tiles, both on the floor and on the walls. If you’re the arty type this may be an natural response anyway, but smash them up and rearrange them into a delightful pattern to produce either on a solid surface somewhere in the house or to create a piece of art for your wall.

Shoe Boxes

There’s always one person in a household that loves a new pair of shoes from time to time and a result of that would be a mountain of unwanted shoe boxes, but they can be a perfect source for storage. The boxes can be easily labelled to give you an effective system of storage, whether it is for food in the pantry or using them for their original purpose and keep your existing shoe collection in them within your wardrobe.


About the author: Sam writes for who offer an array of beds, table and cabinets made from various woods including solid oak.

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