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Guest Post: Turn Your Backyard into a Garden Oasis

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From tropical retreat to a Zen nirvana, transforming your backyard into the landscape of your dreams can become a reality with some planning and a knowledge of the tools required. Those looking to embark on a full-scale backyard renovation should note the following tips.

Understand your layout.

Creating the islands of Hawaii right outside your backdoor may be your ultimate goal for your renovation, however it may simply not be possible given your yard’s arrangement. Imagination is the necessary fuel to inspire any redesign, however you should always take into account maintenance, your climate and the amount of space you can afford to dedicate to the project. Always dreamed of having a pool steps outside of your house? Understand the management costs and upkeep such a luxury requires. If the numbers do not fit within your monthly budget, research alternative features which can lend an island feel to an otherwise drab area. Ponds are one of the most popular (and more affordable options) for aquatic enthusiasts. They are certain to accentuate your garden by adding that unique, decorative flair, and offer a calm ambiance to unwind after a long day. Not to mention they come in a variety of options including fish and waterfall ponds. Those interested in pond/waterfall features should determine the amount of space required to accommodate the project, noting that specific features (such as submersible pumps – required for waterfall and fountain features) will require additional planning, should you want to camouflage these unsightly areas with decorative landscaping.

Landscape in layers.

Forgo bland, traditional aluminum fences, and protect your property’s privacy with lush, leafy greens. Planting trees and shrubs in varying heights creates a texturized feel that also functions as a privacy barrier between your home and the outside world. If done correctly, these various garden columns can bring a jungle atmosphere to the suburbs!

Implement nature’s own accents.

When crafting a design strategy for your backyard paradise, taking a tip from nature’s terrain helps emphasize the organic beauty of your region. Creating natural stone walkways and walls are easy ways to create division among large areas. If stone is too expensive or unavailable in your given area recreating a rocky look is achievable. Combining rock salt with fresh concrete will result in a texturized finish, a much more affordable option for those outside of areas bursting with natural limestone resources.

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