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Eco Friendly Jewelry for Eco Lovers

Many people now know about growing vegetables in their backyard is a must. And most people also know in the fashion circle to stay away from real fur coming from animals, even some now own fuel efficient cars. Recycling programs are now the norm in almost every part of the planet, as plastics and aerosol sprays are now becoming a thing of the past. However, how many of you can possibly bring up a discussion on the subject of jewelry that are eco friendly?

Eco friendly jewelry may be referred to as jewelry that had been made out of resources that did not call for the further destruction of the ecosystem. Any specific professional jewelry mining will surely have quite a few damaging negative influences the environment, starting from erosion of the terrain, to seepage of hazardous toxins and chemicals into the water supply, to the transformation of the entire ecosystem. And also let’s not overlook the carbon footprint of the heavy and bulky equipment that’s being used in the operation.

Recycled Gold
Among the materials which you can use when making eco friendly jewelry is post-consumer reprocessed gold. This precious metal was amassed from used jewelry which was not anymore in use. Many of these are broken necklaces, class rings and also bracelets, or those single earrings. This gold may be reused to create new articles of eco friendly jewelry, without needing to mine for naturally raw gold.

Eco-friendly Pearls
Pearls is the most vintage and classy type of jewelry, it never goes out of style and pearls can definitely be paired with any type of dress or clothing, aside from it’s simple and exquisite beauty Pearls are considered much more eco-friendly compared to gold or diamonds since it is cultured and have their very own “farm” that is closely monitored for pollutants, you don’t need to do mining that can do harm to the environment and as well for the miners. With that being said, culturing the aquatics can also damage the environment, by using such high powered machines and hoses to clean off oysters that produce those lovely pearls. A viable solution is to use tropical fish that will help scrub off the oysters.

Ashes to Diamonds
Artificial or man made diamonds that are similar to pure diamonds have significantly less environmental harm since they are grown in a lab . Naturally , it will take a millennia to produce a diamond ; in a lab , it only need a few weeks to develop a cremation diamond which is certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America), chemically, physically as well as optically the same as earth-mined real diamonds . And, the method of transforming ashes to diamonds is eco-friendly and conflict-free. They begin with the a signature carbon from the cremated remains of those beloved that have departed, which may also include cherished animal pets . This personal signature carbon is placed in a diamond seed in a laboratory and then it undergo the same exact process of intense heating and pressure which also occurs below the earth’s crust. The process will take about 70 days or less to produce a diamond coming from the ashes.

Wearing jewelries is very fulfilling, for a woman it can boost their confidence and self esteem but it is more fulfilling if we are aware that the jewelries that we are wearing do not come from something that is harmful to nature. One more environment-friendly solution is fair trade jewelry. It encourages decent, honest and responsible business routine within the jewelry supply chain. These types of jewelry alternatives also help regenerate localized economies, offer healthy and safe working situations, aids cultural stability and also assist environmental sustainability.

As present, people around the world choose to wear jewelries that are eco-friendly because we cannot deny the fact that it is fashionably unique and of course, having the gratification that we are taking care of the environment.

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