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Go Green Today With Eco Friendly Van Rentals


When it comes to getting a new van it is easy to get excited about a nice new cabin with lots of luxuries, more cup holders and storage space than ever before and extra comfortable seats! However, if you are looking to lease a new van then now is the perfect time to also consider going eco friendly? It’s not just about helping the planet; it’s about helping your wallet!

Going eco friendly means reducing your carbon footprint by using engines that burn cleaner and use fuel more efficiently. This of course is brilliant news for the environment but it can also mean lower tax, lower maintenance (a clean engine is a healthy engine!) and much lower fuel bills.

We all know that the less fuel we need to put into our vans, the more money we save and so buy doing more miles to the gallon, the more money we save.

By opting for a new van rental you open up the potential to ditch your old gas guzzler and opt for something which is going to save you some serious money. Some of the new technology and leaps forward in engine technology has led to some huge improvements in fuel efficiency and if you are currently driving an old van it is possible to literally double your MPG overnight. By doubling your MPG, you effectively halve your fuel cost and over a year that can mean incredibly significant savings.

Of course even improving your MPG by just a few extra miles can still see massive savings, especially if you are racking up high numbers of miles each year. So, why opt for a van that is going to cost you money when you can easily change to something that will save you a small fortune?

The one reason people don’t is that they associate eco-friendly with poor performance and lack of power. However, this could not be farther from the truth. The fact is that eco-friendly cars can perform just as well and in many cases actually perform better, giving you plenty of torque and speed but with less fuel!

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Chris Paul is the Marketing Executive at First Van Leasing. First Van Leasing is the company offering low cost van leasing services on business and commercial vans.

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