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The Must Visit Beautiful Botanical Gardens In Arizona

Arizona, one of the most populous states of the Southwest region of the United States, has got it all that could make your trip to the place the most memorable one – trust me! In fact, I love the state for its diverse choices: cities that are full of life; quiet mountains covered with snow; warm deserts; monuments and dozens of national and state botanical gardens. The state is full of beautiful landscapes and perfect weather.

However, here I am listing a few of the most famous botanical gardens in Arizona that everyone must visit once during his trip to this grand state of the United States.

Arboretum at Arizona State University:

The park is spread across the Arizona State University in Tempe and includes more than 300 plant species of conifers, deciduous trees, evergreens, fruit trees and palms. Established in the year 1990, it has the species from Sonoram Desert and other regions of the country. You can visit this park at anytime of the year because it remains open to the public throughout the year and that too without any charge.

Desert Botanical Garden:

Situated at Galvin Parkway the garden was founded in the year 1937 by the Arizona Cactus and Native Flora Society. Today the garden has got more than 21,000 plants and 139 species on display. The wide variety of species includes agave, cacti, opuntia and their sub families as well as the Australian, Baja California and South American collection. The plants are well adapted to desert location and are actually protected by any mean. The attractive botanical garden indeed is the place for all the rare, threatened and endangered plant species and thereby a ‘must visit’ place in Arizona.

Forever Ranch and Gardens:

Situated across 17 miles (approximately) from Yucca and 45 miles from Kingman, the ‘Forever Ranch and Gardens’ lies in South East region of Sacramento Valley. Home to about 165 species of indigenous and neutralized exotic plants the garden has a wide variety of endangered bulbs, trees, woody shrubs, cacti, Yucca, agave, perennial herbs, annual wild flowers, lichens, ferns and mosses etc. With a sole mission to educate people about the diversified xeric plants the garden is a new botanical garden in Arizona – its construction began in 1999 only.

Apart from all these there are a few more wonderful botanical gardens to visit that includes Tohono Chul Park, Arizona – Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson Botanical Gardens, Navajo National Zoological and botanical Park, Arizona Cactus Botanical Garden and others. All the gardens have one thing in common: they are built with the mission to preserve and care for the most gorgeous dying out species of flora and fauna.

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