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Top Trends in Eco Friendly Travel

The environment is more important than ever, and it’s never been more popular to find new and interesting ways to make sure you’re doing your part to contribute to and even save it. Traveling is a great way to build your connection with the earth, and is a great way to gain a newfound level of respect for our environment, and our natural duty as humans to protect it and keep it really nice for future generations. Ironically enough, our ability to travel around the world isn’t without its cost, and many of the ways we’re able to cross the globe with such ease are relatively destructive in allowing us to do so. Getting to see the world for its rich and varied terrain is an important part of bonding with the environment, however, so more and more travelers are interesting how they can see the far reaches of the world they love without destroying it in the process. We’ll talk about some of the most effective ways that you can see the world and save it at the very same time.

Flying is a great achievement of modern science, but avoid it if you can. Especially if you’re interested in really doing the environment a serious favor. The ability to sail through the air is a great and wonderful thing, but it’s also super bad for the planet — specifically because of how high up in the atmosphere planes have to go. If you can figure out an alternate means of transportation, that’ll go a long way towards protecting the atmosphere. And while you might not be able to avoid flying to your destination, you can still do everything in your power to make use of public and/or alternative forms of transportation once you’re there.

Believe it or not, packing lighter also goes a pretty good way towards doing your part to strain the environment less. The weight of luggage makes a difference on the fuel economy of whatever kind of vehicle is carrying it around, and this applies to airplanes, too. Furthermore, you can use eco-friendly luggage or bags — things used from recycled, reclaimed, reused, or otherwise sustainable materials — to really make sure your travels are having less of an impact on the planet and its delicate ecosystem.

Another incredibly easy way to really reduce your environmental impact whilst you vacation is by doing a lot less laundry. The machines involved in cleaning your clothes use a pretty solid amount of water and energy, and by avoiding using them you can really do a lot to preserve the world around you. Whether you’re on a Tanzania safari or staying in a Florence hotel, you can do your best to protect the ecosystem. Traveling in an eco-friendly way has never been more popular, and with these easy strategies it should be a snap to take a memorable trip while still feeling good that you’re doing everything you can to protect the planet on which we live.

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