North/South Divide on Skip Prices

The south may have the warmer weather, but when it comes to skip hire a new study reveals we northerners have it best.

The research by skip hire price comparison site found a significant divide between the North and South on hire costs. Its key findings were that:

Skip hire cost in London is higher than in any other area. An average six yard ‘builder’s skip’ costs £210 in the city- significantly more than in Nottingham where a hiring a skip of the same size costs just £135.

The study showed that on average, Liverpool was the cheapest city to hire a skip with prices starting from just £80.

Figures revealed last month revealed that London boroughs also had the highest charge for skip permits in the country.

Here’s what Skip and Bin MD Jason Mohr said of the findings; “I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that 5 of the 10 worst performing areas of the UK for fly-tipping are in London”.

“People are strapped for cash at the moment and when it costs in excess of £300 for the average household to hire a skip in London, its sadly inevitable people will turn to disposing of waste illegally”.

So while our cousins in the south are shelling out significantly more to hire a skip- it won’t cost the earth for us northerners.

Author Byline

This post was written by Rob Henry on behalf of Kenny skip hire, who delivers a range of waste management solution for its clients including mini and maxi skip hire.

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