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Creating a Greener and Environmentally Friendly Office

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No matter how big or small your business is there will always be waste, time wasted, money wasted and energy wasted. To protect your bottom line you want to reduce all of these, however the latter is often over looked by a company’s hierarchy. This article will provide simple but effective cost saving tips, which will not only improve your image but your employee’s wellbeing and cost control.

Save money, be greener

Reduce printing of unnecessary documents. Attach an email signature to remind the recipient not to print. Try to avoid the use of old fashion fax machines that always require a hard copy to be printed. The savings on paper will also have a knock on effect, in turn, reducing the spend on replacement ink cartridges and toners.

Turn lights and electrical appliances off that are not being used. Lights that are motion responsive are a great idea, these will simply go on and off when people enter and leave the room. Furthermore having an office that has an ample source of natural light is even better, consequently reducing the usage of electronic light sources all together.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Considering relocating to an out of town site, this will reduce emissions and times wasted in rush hour traffic. Modern business parks, such as Kingsway Business Park, work with the environment by providing businesses with excellent transport links, including cycle and footpaths. This presents employees’ practical alternatives to driving into work and can also make logistics on a business to business level more efficient in turn reducing your Co2 footprint.

If relocating to a new office is a possibility, why not consider refurbishing old office furniture and equipment. This is usually cheaper than buying new equipment and is a greener more environmentally friendly option.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility also referred to as CSR is a method adopted by many businesses in the 21st century to ensure they adhere to legislation, ethical standards and convey a positive image. Sustainability is more than just a “buzz word”, companies that actually adopt environmental policies into the key foundations are more likely to see benefits and return from investment. Make it one of your unique selling points and it will set you apart from the competition in the market place for the right reasons.

A good idea adopted by many businesses is to use the money saved on the energy wastage to develop an environmental campaign to give something back to your local community. For example why not pledge to plant trees to offset your carbon footprint. Although primarily this is a responsible and sustainable method to implement it is also an effective marketing tactic, which can lead to media coverage.

About the author: Chris writes for Kingsway Business Park who offers professional office space in Rochdale near Manchester in the UK.

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