In Africa and Asia 25 Species Are on the Brink of Extinction

Endangered species are nothing new, and it’s almost never surprising to hear that a new species has been added to the endangered list, or to be made aware that animals are needing our protection now more than they ever have before. Around the world, the actions of humans have put a pretty staggering number of animal species in serious danger, and when the population of a certain species dips below a certain figure, then that species can be officially considered as endangered. An endangered species is considered protected from hunting and poaching in all forms, and as such it can be a serious offense to harm, capture, or otherwise kill any kind of animal that might be on the endangered species list. This list has helped the world become aware of how many animal species are in danger of being completely eradicated from the earth, and it’s also helped us understand how important it is that we protect and keep these animals safe when they need it. Without the efforts of groups and individuals dedicated to keeping the animal kingdom safe, the world’s population of animals would be a lot more worse for wear, and our awareness of the importance of conservation is largely responsible for this.

Newly-discovered news isn’t exactly a positive note in the continued fight for the free proliferation and general protection for animals (especially those endangered species). It would appear, a recent study shows, that there are twenty-five different species of animal in Africa that are sorely needing environmental help and protection, as they’re on the verge of being completely destroyed. One can imagine the deep shame that would result if the very last specimen of any given species were to be completely removed from the world, and in Africa there stands a serious danger of this happening to many different types of lemurs, monkeys, and other examples of the continent’s various primates.

A recent report comes from the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and underscores the importance of conservation efforts in Africa and the world over. It might seem implausible that these species are simply disappearing off the face of the earth, and this would actually be completely true. These animals don’t simply vanish of their own accord. When an animal is close to going extinct, it’s usually because of the nefarious efforts of poachers, traders, deforesters, and other examples of environmental peril.

It’s becoming more and more imperative for companies and corporations to seek alternative methods so that animals don’t have to live in danger of having their populations completely desolated. Companies like are leading the charge, investigating eco-friendly ways to do things so that our world’s animal population doesn’t have to feel so threatened. If we all concern ourselves with these kind of protective efforts, it won’t be too long before the whole world finds itself invigorated with the kind of conservation that’s been needed all along.

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