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7 Tips to Incorporate “Green” Into Your Next Real Estate Development

Making your real restate investments eco-friendly and “green” can increase their resell value and provide something worthwhile for the owner. Green investments are all the rage today and there is good reason behind it. Green energy can reduce electric bills by significant margins and it’s good for the environment. Green homes even provide emergency security. While a gas generator requires access to gasoline, solar panels and wind turbines are completely self-efficient. These green energy products allow you to produce electricity by using earth’s natural properties. While they may have significant upfront costs, the long-term savings will be well worth the investment. Whether you plan to sell the real estate and turn a profit or keep the home for yourself, green energy is the way of the future.

1 – Solar Panels

Solar panels are quickly dropping in cost and they provide several benefits for a home. If you want a quick solution to add functionality and improve the resell value of your real estate investment, solar panels are a perfect choice. Today, homeowners and businesses even use solar panels to improve the aesthetic appearance of their property. Paying for complete panels and installation could cost several thousands of dollars but building them yourself is an affordable option. If you are a DIY real estate developer, buying solar cells and constructing the panels yourself could save a pretty penny.

2 – Wind Turbines

Very few homeowners have managed to incorporate wind turbines into their DIY investments. While wind is a renewable energy source, wind turbines are typically expensive and out of reach financially. Fortunately, several manufacturers have begun producing wind turbines at affordable costs. Missouri Wind and Solar and GudCraft are two companies with wind turbines starting at just a few hundred dollars.

3 – Easy Recycling Options

The problem today is not that homeowners are unwilling to recycle, it’s that homes don’t have easy recycling options. By incorporating more than just a trash area into the home, you can make recycling much easier. Home’s that have a designated area for trash and recycling encourage eco-friendliness.

4 – Green Appliances

Surely you have heard of the latest trend in appliances known as “Energy Star” certified. There are many different types of appliances that offer energy savings. This includes refrigerators, ovens, stovetops, microwaves and dishwashers. Combining “green” appliances with renewable energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines would provide the home with enormous energy savings. This is exactly what homeowners are looking for in today’s economy and they will likely pay extra to get it.

5 – Install a New Heater

When it comes to real estate development, you are probably going to be fixing up homes that have been neglected and need TLC before their value will increase. Purchasing and installing a new heater is a great way to improve the value of a home. Most home’s today have heaters that are decades old. New, energy efficient heaters are going to cut costs and be far more reliable.

6 – Energy Efficient Lights

Lights in a home are one of the main consumers of electricity. Leaving lights on can consume wattage like you wouldn’t believe. Fluorescent light bulbs and other energy efficient products will be up to 70% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. You should definitely consider upgrading the light fixtures in your next real estate development project.

7 – Bamboo over Hardwood – or even Corn Carpets!

There are many different options when it comes to green flooring. Most homeowners are crazy over hardwood, but bamboo grows and matures in just 4-6 years while hardwood can take 50-100 years. Bamboo is a much more eco-friendly option. Another recent innovation is corn carpets. Manufactured completely from farm grown corn, corn carpets are better for the environment than traditional carpets.

Ori Tal is from Cocoa Beach Florida and develops residential and commercial properties.

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