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Eco Cleaning within the Household

Although many believe eco-friendly tips and methods to be the future, current and in trend, truth be told they have been around for centuries with many of our ancestors using tried and tested green techniques to clean the filthiest of surfaces.

In recent times we have seen a rise in the number of toxic, polluting and harmful chemicals used in many household cleaning products readily available to purchase from high street stores. However such unsustainability has provoked a radical change back to our roots and if you haven’t already boycotted the harsh chemicals now’s the time. Below I have highlighted a few tips and techniques used long before my time, that are both environmentally and economically friendly.

Lemon Fresh

The saying “lemon fresh” is famous for a reason, that reason being nothing compares to the zesty smell of the sharp fruit. Lemons are good for running through your in house rubbish and recycle bins to prevent them from producing stomach churning odours. Alternatively they are also effective at removing stubborn stains. Try using lemon juice either neat or diluted with water to remove rust and stains from plastic.

Vigilant Vinegar

White vinegar can be used to wash and wood surfaces to give the ultimate, natural and glossy shine. This can help add life to wooden furniture within any area of the house, so instead of throwing that old worn piece of wooden French furniture in your bedroom away, be green and give it a good clean. Vinegar is also effective for killing most mould, bacteria and germs due to its level of acidity.

Elbow Grease

There is no substitute for old fashioned hard work and in this case elbow grease. Many of the household cleaning tasks can be achieved by a bit of hard effort instead of the use of harsh chemical products. This will benefit the environment and your health as you watch the pounds fall off and make cleaning part of your exercise regime.

By following these tips it will allow your cleaning to be synchronised and at one with the environment. So before you begin the harmonious process look under your kitchen sink and remove all products that are toxic and displaying the words poison, danger, warning or caution and feel the weight of the world lifted from your “green” shoulders.

About the author: Chris writes for who specialise in high quality wooden furniture for the home.

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