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Planning and Preparing for an Inter-City Move

Moving between cities is nowhere near as complicated as an international move and it is also not as expensive. This means that you can easily hire a remover, or reduce your environmental impact by transporting everything yourself. Naturally, if you have a large volume of things to move, the most viable option – both time and money-wise – will be to hire a professional remover to help you with everything that needs to be done around the move. This article will provide a helpful checklist to keep you on track during your move, so that you can get everything done quickly and without a hassle.

  • The number one thing is, of course, to secure your living arrangements at your destination. You may have thought of this already, or you may be planning to stay with friends until you settle into your new environment and find a suitable flat or house. However, try to do this in advance, instead of walking into an unfamiliar situation. Investing the money in traveling to view flats and houses will be worth it in the end, because moving into an established living situation will be much easier that starting anew altogether. So take the time to make all of these arrangements. Keep in mind that finding the right place might take you up to a couple of months, so starting as early as possible is highly recommended. Once you have your living arrangements set, it is time to move on to the next stage of planning, namely, selecting and hiring a remover.
  • You should arrange the date of your removal at least a couple of months prior, in order to make sure that there will be free lorries, drivers and movers on your chosen date. In order to do this, you will have to begin your search for a remover even earlier.
  • Looking for a remover can take you up to a couple of weeks. You will need to look up removal companies in your area and ones that operate on a national level, compare prices and get testimonials. Networking is crucial in this case, since the word of mouth reputation of the company is usually much more telling and reliable than the standard website testimonials. Look for friends and friends of friends, who have used the services of your chosen companies before and ask about their experiences. Call and get price estimates from each company. During this process, you should allow for home visits from company representatives, in order to get the most accurate possible estimate.


  • Once you’ve compared all of the relevant factors and made your decision, it is time to call the company you’ve ended up picking and arrange the date of your move. If you’re doing this early enough, you should have no trouble securing your chosen date; simply call the company closer to the date, about a week or so earlier to confirm that everything is still on and that there will be no problems.
  • If you have about five to ten people helping you, the removals and packing shouldn’t take more than a week in total. However, plan to begin about two weeks before your chosen date, in order to allow time for any unforeseen circumstances. Begin by minimizing the amount of items you will need to transport. Remember to leave rooms like the bedroom, as well as some essentials for last, so that you don’t end up living out of a suitcase for the last few days in your old home.

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