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5 Ways to Light Up Your Party

Solar Lights in backyard

Now that cooler weather is here it’s the perfect time to host an outdoor get together. If you’re looking to add instant ambiance to your gathering, think about how you can use lighting. Lights are the perfect way to give your party a festive feel. Here are five ways to light up your outdoor festivities beautifully :

1. Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights, those little lights on strands that we see at Christmas time, can turn a plain backyard into a fairyland. Wrap twinkle lights around tree trunks, around fence posts or even around the basketball hoop’s pole. Drape the lights over doorways, over shrubbery or through tree branches. Thanks to their pliable nature, twinkle lights can be put virtually anywhere you desire. For a unique look, set some strands to blink and others to remain steadily lit.

2. Water Lights

Floating water lights look absolutely amazing and should be added to any water feature that you have in your yard. You can find floating lights in a variety of shapes: flowers, lily pads and spheres, to name a few. Whether you choose colored or white lights, the reflection off of the water will look both enchanting and romantic. If you don’t have any water features in your yard, consider purchasing several large planters and filling them with water. Placed strategically and lit well, the planters can be a stunning addition to your decorating scheme.

3. Hanging Lanterns

Hanging lanterns are a great way to light up your yard no matter where you hang them. If you have large trees in your yard, hang your lanterns from their branches. If not, consider hanging the lanterns from your deck’s ceiling, the eaves of your roof or even from a rope that you string across the lawn. Paper lanterns are easily found in a variety of colors and patterns, allowing you to match them to the theme of your party perfectly.

4. Luminaries

Whether you make luminaries or buy them, they are a lovely way to add light to any tables that you set up. Luminaries can easily be made from mason jars, a bag of sand and votive candles. Simple add a few inches of sand to your jars, place a votive light on top of the sand and light your candles. You’ll have safe, soft candle light to entertain by for several hours.

5. Solar Lights

Solar landscape lights are a great option for lighting up walkways or even creating walkways where none existed. If you have sidewalks in your yard, line them with solar lights so that people can see where they’re going. If you want people to walk through a specific area of your yard, create a pathway with two lines of solar lights. When the party is over, move the solar lights and use them to accent your landscaping.

Lights are one of the most cost-effective, easy ways to add a certain mood to your party. By utilizing a variety of lighting options, you can turn your backyard into an enchanted forest or a modern stage; the choice is yours.

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