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Energy Efficient Kitchens – Green and Cost Effective Home Solutions

In a time of rising energy prices, reducing our home’s energy consumption is becoming a must do for many homeowners. However, making our kitchens more energy efficient goes beyond cheaper utility bills. It also translates to lesser dependence on fossil-based energy sources and reduced carbon footprint.

The kitchen is often considered as the heart and soul of every home. It is one of the busiest areas of our home and is also one of the largest contributors to our monthly utility bills. Creating a green kitchen has three major benefits, better savings, sustainability and improved overall performance.

So the next time you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, below are a few simple ways you can turn your kitchen into a green and energy efficient model.

Pay close attention to size and location – they matter a lot

Pay close attention to the size and location of your kitchen. Position your kitchen in an area where there is ample amount of natural lighting and ventilation. Bigger kitchens require more lighting, heating or cooling to maintain ideal room temperature.

Consider installing operable windows and skylights in your kitchen

Another thing that you can do to make your kitchen more energy efficient is to install operable windows and skylights. Contrary to what most people think, replacing your traditional kitchen windows with modern operable ones and skylights are not that expensive. Of course you may have to invest a couple of hundred dollars into the project but this is easily outweighed by its long term benefits.

Change your kitchen’s lightings and bulbs from regular bulb to LED or CFLs

Changing your kitchen lightings and bulbs from regular bulbs to LED or CFLs is another quick and easy way to make your kitchen an efficient one. This results to lower electricity bills and significant savings in the long run.

Light bulbs consume a lot of energy. In fact, the energy consumed by light bulbs is amongst the biggest contributors in your home’s electricity bill. Cutting down on your artificial light spending and maximizing the use of natural light makes this even more cost-efficient.

Get energy efficient appliances. Invest in the long-term

If you are attempting a major overhaul of your kitchen, then replacing your old appliances with energy efficient ones seem to be a very good idea. While it may cost you several thousands of dollars, the savings that you’ll get from lower electricity bills will eventually justify and outweigh the high cost of upgrading to energy efficient appliances.

Some people think that holding on to old appliances is a much greener way compared to buying new appliances. This is because it reduces our dependence on raw materials for production. But the truth is, old appliances use more energy to operate and emit more greenhouse gasses.

Replace old plumbing and wiring fixtures in your kitchen

If the plumbing and wiring fixtures in your home are outdated and have been in service for decades, then it’s high time to replace them. Again the cost is justified by improve efficiency not only in terms of energy but also your own productivity when you are working in your kitchen. it also makes your home a lot safer, reducing the risk of fires caused by faulty electrical wiring.

Buy local – make your kitchen more energy efficient and help your economy grow

Buying local or from trusted sources ensures that you’re getting your money’s worth. Knowing the manufacturer of your kitchen furniture for example is a great way of ensuring that you’re buying a product that could last for years.

Opt for eco friendly cleaning products – natural home cleaning materials

You can likewise opt for eco friendly cleaning products specifically natural home cleaning products. They are not only cheaper but are also non toxic and safe. Natural home cleaning products like baking soda, lemon juice or any other citrus solvent can be applied to remove stains and dirt in your kitchen.

Never waste energy, water, oil and other kitchen necessities

Always make it a conscious effort to save on precious resources. Wasting energy, water, oil and other kitchen necessities is not the way to go if you want your kitchen to be more efficient. Small things add up and a simple leaking faucet wastes hundreds of gallons each year.

This guest article was written by Michael Scottsdale for Kitchen Cabinet Kings, a leading distributor of wholesale kitchen and inexpensive kitchen cabinets.

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