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Top 10: Most Economic Cars

Whether you are looking for more efficient cars for your business or personal use we all have a duty of care to the world in which we live in. Cars with lower CO2 emissions can also benefit our pockets as well as the environment due to savings on fuel, road tax and potentially congestion zone charges (depending on location).

A cleaner greener car means a cleaner greener conscience. So what are you waiting for?? There has never been a better time to purchase a green eco-friendly car with the current automobile market vibrant with great green car options.

Here are 10 economic cars that, after careful research, many believe to be the best available at the current moment in time.

  1. Toyota Prius (Plug in)
    A new development of the award winning Toyota Prius, the plug in is a new light weight design with smaller lithium batteries. The less weight means more driving and miles the car can go without using petrol. The 1.8 litre petrol (gasoline) engine will kick in after 13 miles on driving on the battery. This in turn provides the car with an impressive 82 mpg.
  2. Honda FCX Clarity
    This is the first ever hydrogen production car meaning that its only by-product is water (h2O) and not CO2. This is any eco-warriors dream car because of its zero emissions. Being green doesn’t mean a sacrifice in performance, the car itself can reach a staggering 100miles per hour with a range of 270 miles. Inside the green heaven doesn’t stop with the interior seats and carpets being made from bio fabric derived from fermented corn.
  3. Smart Fortwo
    This new addition to the Smart Car family sticks to its predecessors core foundations. It is perfect as a city car as its small frame allows it to be parked in even the tightest of places. The car is also full of gadgets such as a built in Sat-Nav, which help bring the car to life. The 800cc diesel engine version of the Smart Fortwo can perform to an amazing 85.6mpg for ultimate fuel efficiency.
  4. Kia Rio
    Eye catching design, spacious inside and full of compartments the Kio Rio is the perfect car for motorists with the greenest of fingers. It is also very reliable and comes with a Kia 7 year warranty as standard. The most impressive fact about this car is that it’s 1.1 litre diesel engine performs to a staggering 88mpg.
  5. Volkswagen Up! Blue Motion
    This car is so efficient that in the United Kingdom you are exempt from having to pay road tax. VW claims that environmental impact of the UP! Is 21% less than its predecessor and has a fuel economy of 67.2 mpg, however this car is very small so not suitable for families.
  6. Peugeot 208
    The new Peugeot 208 has elegant, up market interior allowing it to stand out from the rest of the super mini market. It is comfortable for even the tallest of drivers and very quiet. The European diesel 1.2 litre version impresses with a fuel consumption of 83mpg, however it is also worth noting that the petrol 1.2 litre versions offers economy of 63mpg which nothing short of a modern day green miracle.
  7. Toyota Prius
    The trend setting eco-friendly Prius had to make the top 10 for its originality. It was the first mainstream hybrid car that really created a legacy and a real following among motorists. It’s easy to see why when you check out the car in person as it offers generous equipment, a 1.8 litre petrol engine and 72mpg. As it’s a hybrid it can also drive on electricity alone without the need to ever recharge the battery as it is self-sustainable.
  8. Toyota Auris
    The Toyota Auris is the smaller version and younger sibling of the previously mentioned Toyota Prius. It also comes with a 5 year warranty as standard and plenty of storage room. This car has made the top 10 due its impressive mpg and it’s in built stop-start technology which means no wasted fuel when stuck in traffic.
  9. Ford Focus Eco Boost
    The old family favourite is back with a new greener eco-friendly model. The new car comes packed with features such as digital radio, Bluetooth and a sporty interior. Although it’s not as eco-friendly as some of its rivals such as the new Kia Rio it does offer a still mighty impressive 74.2mpg which is aided further by in car start-stop technology.
  10. Toyota Yaris
    Practical, youthful and plenty of space, the new Yaris goes against its predecessor’s reputation of being an ideal elderly retirement car. It comes with a 5 year warranty as standard with Bluetooth connectivity, reversing camera and touch screen interface. All of these gadgets are topped off by its great fuel efficiency especially in the 1.3 petrol versions.

About the author: Chris Algar writes for EDC fuel Cards who supply European fuel cards at the most competitive diesel prices across Europe.

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