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Are You Ready for the Holidays? 5 Must-Have Decorating Items

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Decorating for the holidays is one of the most loved traditions of the season. People start digging boxes out of the attic as soon as Halloween ends, dusting off old figurines, making sure light bulbs work, and taking stock of the decorations that they have and what they still need. If you’ve been waiting for Christmas to roll around since you rang in the New Year, your wait is nearly over. Get out your list and check it twice; here are five decorating items to be sure you have this holiday season:

1. Tree

Whether you choose to bring a live tree into your home or a gorgeously pink plastic tree, this ages-old symbol is a must-have for any Christmas decorating scheme. If you want to go all out this year, consider putting a tree in each room of your home. With the variety of sizes and styles available, it’s not a difficult thing to do. A table-top tree will make a great centerpiece on your dining table, a tall, thin tree will look fabulous in the corner of a stairway, and your kids will love having their very own tree in their bedroom.

2. Lights

There’s nothing more beautiful during the holiday season than a well-list home. Whether you choose to light your interior, exterior, or both, strategically placed lights can portray any feeling that you choose. Do you want your home to have a classic holiday feel? Do you want to show the neighborhood that you’re really just a kid at heart? No matter what you want to say about the holidays, you can say it with lights.

3. Ornaments

Once you’ve picked your trees, ornaments are how you bring them to life. You can choose glass ornaments in complimentary colors or trick your tree out with the theme of your choice. There are a myriad of ornament styles, ensuring that you can decorate each tree in your house in a different way. If you have children, letting them pick out a new ornament each year is a great way to create a memory tree for the holidays.

4. Wreaths

Wreaths are a welcome addition to any entry door and look great on walls as well. You can choose a traditional pine wreath, one made of pip berries or even a wreath created from bows. If you want to create a personal wreath for your family, start with a plain grapevine or pine wreath and decorate it yourself. Decorating wreaths is a great family activity for the holidays.

5. Garlands

Who doesn’t love the way a staircase looks when the banister is wrapped in a beautiful garland? You can use garlands over your doorways, inside and out, drape them over fence rails or even wrap tinsel garlands around your trees. Whether you’re looking for traditional or splashy, garlands are an easy way to add Christmas cheer to your home.

If you want to have the best home on the block this Christmas, you simply must have the items listed above. Whether you want your home to look like it came from the pages of a storybook or want to outshine the neighbors, decorating for the holidays is all about personal style; have fun with it!

Chris Winters writes for several family blogs. She loves Santa’s Quarters for holiday decorations and will get more ideas for the holidays at

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