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Making the World a Better Place with Fuel Efficient Vehicles

With gas prices topping four dollars per gallon in most states, fuel efficiency has become an essential consideration when shopping for a new car. But there’s more than just our wallets at stake. Unchecked oil consumption has left our planet choking in toxic emissions. By reducing the amount of gasoline needed to power the engine, fuel efficient vehicles benefit the planet too. Next time you shop for a car, consider these four ways that fuel efficient cars and trucks make the world a better place, both globally and locally.

Fewer Emissions
Every gallon of gas you burn emits pollutants into the air. As those pollutants add up, they contribute to the large-scale problem of global warming. Fuel efficient vehicles can reduce overall emissions by more than 50% and some types of pollutants by nearly 90%. Multiple that by the millions of cars on our roads and you’ll see what a difference one choice can make.

Promote Sustainable Energy
Non-renewable energy sources like oil deplete the earth’s natural resources and leave less for the needs of future generations. As scientists seek to discover new ways to provide for our energy needs using sustainable resources such as wind and water, fuel efficient vehicles help us make the best use of the resources we have.

Decreased Oil Dependence
Dependence on foreign oil sources leave us at the mercy of market fluctuations and manipulations. Oil is also a major pollutant not only of the air, but also of soil and water. Oil spills such as the infamous BP debacle in the Gulf of Mexico affect broad ranges of wildlife, water supplies, and local livelihoods.

Cost Savings
Although the price of a hybrid or electric car may initially be more than its gas-guzzling counterpart, you’ll save nearly 50% on gas at the pump. Filling up less frequently means more money in your wallet, and you’ll soon make up the initial price difference in savings.

While buying a hybrid car may seem like a small step in terms of your overall impact on big issues like global warming and foreign oil dependence, the truth is that when those small choices multiply over thousands or millions of people, we can effect great changes for the world our children will inherit. So while you’re smiling over the money you save at the pump, you’re also making the world a better place for your children and grandchildren.

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