Reinforcing your Front Door for Security Can Save You a Lot of Headache

Most home intruders enter the premises through the front door – and often, it is too easy for them to do so. You must make it a point to secure your home against intruders by making your front entry door stronger and more resistant. Locks must be hard to pick and almost impossible to open, and the door must be strong enough that it cannot be kicked open by force.

Install a Deadbolt

If you rely only on the lock on your doorknob, chances are your home will be vulnerable to break-ins. Install a deadbolt on your door. Deadbolts are quite inexpensive and you can find them easily from local hardware stores. They come in kits which are very easy to install. When choosing deadbolts it is a must to select those which come with tamper resistant screws so that burglars will not be able to remove them.


Determine the Weak Points of your Door and Reinforce Them

If you have ever watched police procedural shows on the television, then you might have already noticed that is a certain part of the door which they kick to gain entry to a closed room. The hinges and the strike plate are the parts of the door which easily give way when force is applied to it. You can make the hinges and the strike plates stronger by using long screws to attach them to the door frame. There are screws which are at least three inches long which you can use for this purpose.

Change at least two screws of the door hinges with longer ones. Select screws with heads which are flush with the surface of the hinge. Do the same with the screws of the strike plates. Just make sure that the head of the replacement screws are of the same profile and size as the existing ones.

Replace the Door

If you think that the door is not sturdy enough, consider replacing the door. Most of door provider offers a wide variety of durable front doors which are made with the best materials. They come in different colours and designs and you can surely find one which is the perfect fit for your home. Fitted doors have even earned an endorsement from the police force. You must consider buying a door with peepholes so that you will not have to go through the trouble of installing one.

More Security

If you want even more security, you should consider adding an exterior door. Exterior doors are commonly made of metal and are installed outside the home’s existing door. This will cost you additional money but it can provide your home with a higher level of security – so if you think that this might be necessary and you have the budget, do go ahead and have your home fitted with an exterior door. Just make sure that you select an exterior door which is tamper-resistant.

In these times of rampant crimes, you must make sure that you have checked all avenues in keeping your family, as well as your property, safe. Enforcing the entry to your house can make all the difference between a good night’s sleep and a sudden nightmare.

Author Bio: Shiela Ray is a blogger and advocate of home security and safety. She regularly writes about the latest security innovations in the home, such as the entry doors produced by

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