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Moving Your Office in the Winter

Moving your business can be a really tough task and doing it during winter does not make it any easier. You have to relocate all the offices, all the employees along the whole equipment. Add some steady amount of ice and snow to the picture plus an occasional snowstorm and you are in big trouble. That is why it is best if you are acquainted with the logistics of the whole process of relocating. This is the only way in which you will be able to make an adequate decision on whether to embark upon the task of doing it yourself or to hire a professional moving company to help you go through it. Anyway, no matter which option you will choose here are some tips that might turn out to be useful:

– There is one big difference between moving your home and your business and it is big furniture. The excess of it in the latter case is more than obvious since you have conference tables, a lot of desks, cupboards, chairs, sofas, and whatnot. This is potentially problematic because fitting it into boxes will not exactly do it. Of course you can load everything on trucks but imagine how many trucks it will take to fit them all and how much it will cost you. The best way to handle that situation is to dissemble all the furniture. That makes it compact and easy to fit in a truck.

– Always empty drawers! Should you have a desk that, for one reason or another, you do not want to dissemble do not forget to empty its drawers because that means at least 5 more kilos to its weight. Taking everything out of the drawers and putting it next to the desks in the truck may seem senseless but will immensely lighten the desks and you need all the help you can get. After doing so you should also seal or tape the desks for the drawers not to open during the move. Using moving blankets for maximum protection will also do you good and that is something that every relocation company will advise you.

– In today’s world of technology almost every business counts on computers. Protecting your server must be your priority. Get all sorts of cover blankets to protect it from rain and snow and to avoid any short cuts. Furthermore, even though you are relocating the server as well you cannot afford to stop all the work just because you are moving offices. That is why it is wise to use a temporary server, maybe ask you employees to work from home or just instantly provide them with a new server at the new office. This is of vital importance if you do not want your business to suffer.

– When it comes to packing boxes there is certain technique you should follow. Even if you do not have professional movers to help you with that you can show your employees how to do it and all of you can handle it. All you have to know is that everything goes into the box in the following order: paper padding, heavy items on the bottom gradually followed by light ones which are on the top. You can add paper padding every now and then between the levels of items also trying to make sure there is no space between them (that will ensure maximum protection).

– Get ahead of everything! Cover paths and sidewalks in salt to protect yourself and the movers, if any, from falls. Make a good plan that includes dates and hours, storage options, time for packing, loading, and unpacking, etc. Also, choose a route with less or no traffic because it is winter and transportation will naturally take longer than usual. And if anything else comes up to your mind feel free to share it with your removals company because it is from them that you can get the best advice.

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