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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen with Natural Stacked Stone

When it comes to upgrading one’s home, people often tend to leave out or forget about the kitchen. This is a huge mistake because upgrading the kitchen’s look can actually make a big difference. One of the best techniques of upgrading one’s kitchen is to use natural stacked stone. In today’s severely plasticized world, it can sometimes be a refreshing change to cut down on the use of plastic and opt for stacked stone instead.

The following are five great ways for upgrading one’s kitchen using stacked stone:

Stacked Stone Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes are generally constructed from marble, so if you want an interesting twist to it then you can use stack stone veneer instead. It gives the wall more of a 3D effect instead of a 2D effect projected by the marble tile. You can actually bring the warmth of outdoors inside with these stacked stone backsplashes. Moreover, these are very easy to maintain because one simply has to engage in regular surface cleaning.

A Natural Stacked Stone Breakfast Wall

If you have a breakfast bar in your kitchen then you can consider the idea of using stacked stone on the bar wall instead of wooden planks or tiles, especially if your breakfast bar is more often used than the dining table. It brings a contrasting look to the kitchen and it would also be easier to wipe off scuffmarks on the bar wall made by children or adults sitting on the bar stools. Since stacked stones are highly durable therefore they provide great value-for-money and they last a long time.

Inserting a Stacked Stone Column

Apart from using columns outside, you can also have a lovely stone column gracing your kitchen for that delightfully natural look. Thin stone veneer comes in a wide selection of colors; therefore if you want your stone column to stand out then you can choose brighter or contrasting colors. There are many varieties of colors that work well together. If you simply want to make a subtle statement then choose complementary colors for the stones so that the column can blend in with the color theme of your kitchen.

Use Stacked Stone to Outline the Stove

Just like backsplashes, you can also have stacked stone pasted on to the wall behind the stove. It works best if you have a freestanding stainless steel stove because of the contrast between the two. With these installed in your kitchen, they would impart the rustic feel of a typical European country home. So if that were the look that you are going for then using stacked stones would enable you to achieve your goal. Such walls make it so easy to add the touch, feel, texture, and warmth of Mother Nature right inside your house!

Upgrading a Wall

If you have regular walls in your kitchen and you find them a tad boring then you can introduce modern wall tiles to it in a subtle manner. Of course you don’t have to use stacked stone on all the walls of your kitchen but just installing them on one of the walls, as a highlight, would work wonderfully. It is important to note that prior prepping to the wall is required before you lay the stacked stone because it can be slightly heavy, so adequate support is required. Changing the look of only one of the walls with such stones can grab people’s attention and also their compliments!

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Andrew Deen writes to promote DIY projects and home improvement tasks. This article was written to promote the use of stacked stone in a kitchen, particularly the materials offered by Norstone USA.

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