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How to Use Natural Ingredients to Upgrade Your Home

Stacked stone, also known as stone veneer, is a popular finish used on interior and exterior surfaces, including walls. It is available in different designs, as well as varying colors. Although there are different manufacturers who produce these veneer panels, they are typically not thicker than one inch, nor will they weigh more than 15 pounds per square foot, in order to avoid adding structural supports, which would otherwise be necessary to sustain any heavier weight or greater thickness. Therefore, homeowners still get the real look of natural stone, without the extra weight or added costs that come with the real thing.

Natural vs. Manufactured

However, consumers should be aware that stacked stone is available from either natural or manufactured stone, which are two completely different products. The former can be retrieved from a quarry or a field, which is then cut to size to be used as a veneer. The latter is simply a concrete mix that is made to mimic the look of natural stone. Stacked stone can be used to bring a more natural feel to a given space, without excessive costs or weights to a project because it costs less to purchase, deliver, and install panels, as opposed to the real thing.

Color Decisions

Homeowners can also benefit from a wide array of designs and colors to enable them to decorate with greater ease, ensuring that the right colors blend in well with the existing color palate. It can add drama to a room, as in the case with a feature wall, or enveloping a fireplace for the ultimate focal point in a space. Stacked stone can also be used in the kitchen, making for an attractive back-splash.

Using Natural Materials

This beautiful application could work wonderfully with other natural materials, like granite in the kitchen. High gloss granite floors and counters are balanced out with the matte finish of the stacked stone on the back-splash. Another example could be hardwood floors, to add some more warmth to a space.

Natural materials have also proven to be timeless and elegant, regardless of the architectural style of the home, either in an indoor or outdoor environment. That directly translates into an investment that can bring great returns in the future. Natural stone simply has a rich texture that is sought after and appreciated by most, so its value will be sustained, especially since the stacked stone is durable. Attractive, sophisticated, long lived, and easy to install are features that make it very appealing to most homeowners who are looking for home-improvement ideas that pack a punch.

Give Your Bathroom a Natural Feel

Completing a modern bathroom with natural stacked stone in complementary or contrasting colors will not only add interest to the room, but also make it more daring and unique. Together with smooth surfaces, the contrasting textures will create a spa-like feel to the room. To get the greatest effect, however, it should be used in moderation.

Improving the Exterior of Your House

Stacked stone can also be used to create a beautiful water feature on a property. As both are natural, they tie in so beautifully and present an eye-catching addition that will are attractive, and add value to the home. Again, this addition is more economical than using individual stones, eliminating the need for extra support. Moreover, a homeowner can choose to create a stunning outdoor fireplace or a retaining wall clad in stacked stone. This immediately adds charm, warmth and elegance to the exterior of a structure, which can further be accented with strategic lighting.

Natural stacked stone can be used in endless applications around the home. It can be further enhanced with other natural materials, such as wood. On an accent wall, use it with floating wood shelves, with lit candles for a dramatic effect.

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Andrew Deen writes to promote DIY and home improvement projects. This article was written to explain a few natural materials that can be used to upgrade a home, such as those available through Norstone USA.

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