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Wonderful Wildlife in Seychelles

Aldabra Tortoise

Ranked as number seven for eco tourism destinations by BBC Wildlife Magazine, the Seychelles Islands boasts incredible and exotic wildlife. Because of how isolated the Seychelles islands are, the only species of animals able to make it their home had to be able to fly. Fruit bats are the biggest mammal population on the Seychelles as a result. The island’s isolation also makes it home to very unique bird and animal species. Here’s a short guide to what you’ll find.

Geckos and Amphibians

The Seychelles gecko is an original and striking species. They are bright green and have iridescent skin. They have brightly colored eyes and no eyelids making them a very unusual and interesting gecko to behold. You’ll find Sooglosid frogs, which are rare miniature frogs you’ll want to see for yourself. You’ll might also see the ailuronyx seychellensis, the bronze gecko, though that will be a little trickier since the bronze gecko likes to stay high above ground and is camouflaged against the coco-de-mer palm, which is its favorite plant.


If you love turtles, you will love the Seychelles islands where you’ll find giant tortoises and marine turtles such as the hawksbill and green turtle. Although, many of the tortoises on the islands have been threatened, there are still more tortoises there than anywhere else. Aldbara Island has the largest population of giant tortoises in the entire world. These tortoises can weigh more than 200 kg! You’ll likely see them reaching leaves as their long necks allow them to reach more than a meter. The endangered hawksbill turtle is a definite must-see given its status in the nature world.

Endemic Birds

You’ll find Bulbul, black parrots and the butterfly named after the islands themselves. Seychelles is the famous host of many bird species that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. These exotic birds are fascinating and you’re able to find tours that will show you these species. Bird Island is the place to go to look at some of the most fascinating species of birds.

  • Sooty Tern
    Bird lovers gather from all over to see the sooty tern. They hover in tens of thousands in March and April before they settle into their sanctuary at the end of April.
  • Tropicbird
    These striking birds with long white tails are precocious and not afraid of tourists. They’ll come right up to people and often nest in the roots of the trees right next to the hotels.

Exotic Fish

Four archipelagos, nature reserves, two World Heritage Sites and plenty of islands make the sea wildlife a sight to behold. You’ll find whale sharks, manta rays, sea birds. Snorkeling and diving you’ll see more than 500 species of fish.

If you love wildlife, you will love the Seychelles Islands. You’ll see exotic birds and fish, some of the oldest tortoises in the world and all against the exotic white sands and coral reefs in the world.

Tami Therone writes for travel blogs where you can read more about incredible wildlife that you can find at the paradise islands.

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