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Green Christmas Decorations

This Christmas, instead of buying new decorations that could have long-term consequences for the planet, invest in environmentally safe holiday decor. In keeping with the green Christmas spirit, there’s enjoyable and simple do-it-yourself projects that are free of carbon foot prints. Before heading to the store, look around the house for last year’s gift wrap, bows, ribbons and greeting cards; these materials are festive and great for creating green decorations.

Greeting cards are an old holiday tradition, and usually, people head to a stationary store for the latest Christmas card offerings. However, to cut down on buying more paper, saved Christmas cards can be transformed into new creations. Instead of sending out old cards, take multiple greeting cards and turn them into festive collages. Carefully cut out pictures of Santas, elves, Christmas trees, candy canes, presents and other holiday images. Using a whole card as a base, create a festive collage or exciting Christmas scene with the cut-outs. Once the new card is assembled and glued, add some sequins and rhinestones from worn clothes, splashes of recycled glitter and felt scraps for texture.

Instead of purchasing an artificial tree that’s made with petroleum, buy a real Christmas tree that’s still potted. With proper care, the tree can be planted back into the ground, after the holidays. When stringing up Christmas lights on the tree, invest in LED lights; these Christmas lights are safer than traditional lights, and they conserve a lot more energy. As another lighting alternative, there’s outdoor decorations that utilize solar panels. During the night, these decorations twinkle just as brightly as traditional lights. Glowing Santas, glittering reindeer and sparkling candy canes can be found equipped with solar technologies.

When thinking about tree decorations, there’s numerous green alternatives. Instead of buying traditional garland and tinsel that’s made from plastics and aluminum, try threading popcorn and dried cranberries on fishing line. When crafting gingerbread men ornaments, reuse leftover construction paper, card stock or cardboard, and decorate the gingerbread men with soy-based paints. Once again, those saved Christmas cards come in handy! Rather than buying brand new ornaments, collage unwanted ornaments with greeting card cut-outs and old gift wrap, and splatter the new ornaments with recycled glitter and soy-based inks.

By adopting an eco-friendly plan for holiday decorations, there’s still room for festive and imaginative ideas. Working towards a green Christmas can be a challenge, but in the long run, green decorating will save energy, money and inspire creative DIY projects. Sustainable arts is a rapidly expanding movement and industry, so there’s many resources and instructions available for making spectacular green-inspired decorations. This holiday season, try something new, and discover the possibilities of going green!

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