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Go Green with Eco Friendly Cookers

There is a reason why slow cookers even after several decades of cookware innovation, can still be seen in our countertops. It is because this simple electrical cooking appliance, which has been around since the 70’s, has yet to be overtaken on some of its usefulness by other more modern kitchen appliance.

Take convenience for example, even after all our technological advancements; slow cookers remain the only viable method of cooking that would cook food while you are buying groceries, fetching the kids at school or working in your full time job. Say, you’re a busy working mom or dad, as we all usually are, when you want to come home to dinner that you’ve prepared yourself 8-10 hours earlier before you went to work; what other device can help you do that? Only a slow cooker can achieve that outcome. Also, cooking your dinner this way is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Firstly, you are able to do your duties as the designated cook of the house. We often miss this chore several times a week I’m sure if you don’t have a slow cooker at home. In the morning, you’ll need to fix breakfast, before each family member goes his or her separate way. This is a common scenario inside many household. A scenario that makes having a slow cooker around the house advantageous. While fixing breakfast, you can simultaneously just throw the ingredients meant for dinner into the slow cooker and let that be the end of it. It’s the original worry free machine.

It is able to do this since it cooks food by inducing constant low temperature heat. Through several hours, the buildup of steam inside the pot makes it comparable to a mini pressure cooker. This method of cooking makes it ideal for meat as well. Although, the meat should be sliced into thin longs strips since we are not talking about a full-blown pressure cooker.

While you’re away at work, you don’t have to worry about your food being overcooked or if it may ignite a fire in the house, since again we’re only talking about very low temperatures here. You will even find out that the regular 8-hour shift plus the commute may be the perfect cooking time for most slow cooker recipes. Secondly, there is no doubt that the energy crisis is still largely the cause of headache for many nations. However, the slow cooker fits perfectly into the puzzle of how we can combat the causes of this growing problem of the 21st century. Consuming only very little energy, which is comparable to that of a light bulb, the slow cooker instantly becomes a solution each time you use it.Naturally, this feature makes it an eco-friendly appliance, this device that has so long been a part of our kitchen is currently having a resurgence in the hearts of people who would like tobe greeted by old fashion, hearty and home cooked meals after a tiring day. And not only that, a part of what they’re doing is for the environment too!

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Hi there! Thanks for showing interest on my site; I’m Robert Elliott. Let me tell you a thing or two about myself. Other than being a financial author, I’m also a passionate cook. Although it is not by profession, I still consider it as a huge part of my life. Naturally, I’m well versed with kitchen appliances and so I thought of showing others a slow cookers comparison. Since, it’s something that I cannot live without and others don’t pay enough attention to it.

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