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Gardens and Your Personality

Remember how they say: “Your room and clothes show your personality”? How about putting up this personality thing on your garden as well? In this page, we’ll show five personalities your garden can say about you:

1. Jolly

If you see a garden with bright-colored flowers with vibrant pots and stones, you can be almost sure that it belongs to a jolly person. In addition, if you see that the plants are well treated and well watered in soils, the owner must be one who has a kindred personality. The mood and energy that the garden brings can reflect comfort and portray positivity. This is a garden that will make you smile and make you feel relaxed even after a tiring day’s work.

2. Emotional

Gardens with minimal architectural designs and minimal displays of flowers can be perceived to be owned by an emotional person. This is someone who is somewhat afraid to be judged. The depiction is only to keep a clean look of the garden with more monotonous green grass, jagged leaves and weepy formed plants than colorful objects. This is a garden owner who does not want to show much, afraid to trigger hurtful feelings.

3. Artistic

Wild flowers and local herbs—do you have them all? If you have eccentric plants and welcome various sorts of them with unique fragrances in your garden, you are seen as artistic. You are likened to trying and forming creative landscapes. Whenever you see pots of different kinds of flowers in stores, choosing which ones to purchase is rather a challenge for you. Your brains cells would start to work, helping you decide and define how each of them will fit and be arranged in a space in your lot. In this case, you have the artist’s eye that’s applied to the ground.

4. Irritable

A fine line goes between being seen as artistic and irritable. To differentiate, a person with irritable or moody personality tends to have a garden with uncontrolled chaos. Her garden would appear filled with mismatched flowers and plants forming a horrible landscape. Pieces don’t come together. The worse things to find there are died plants or those full of weeds underneath. This is garden owned by someone who has a cantankerous attitude who does not care for things that can be seen evidently in her own backyard.

5. Practical

You are reasonable when your garden is filled with edible plants and flowers. If you are growing vegetables for the kitchen, your garden provides reasons for your survival as it feeds you with healthy stuff to eat. Fresh-picked herbs and fruits are pleasant for the entire family. You don’t need to frequent the marketplace to buy these edible things. From the looks of your garden in this sense, you are practical into thinking that as much as gardening is to show off the beauty of nature and your decorations, it is also a way of harvesting food in convenience with a little bit of pride.

Your personality shows up a lot by the things you own. This includes your garden. So be careful on personalizing your space, as there can be many interpretations of your traits based on your plot exterior. Some may extol good, and some may show a bad side. In either way, recognize the markers and make sure you have a garden that doesn’t oppose your desired effect.


Author bio:
Lee Otto is a Landscaping enthusiast who owned a Landscaping business founded in 1999. Lee Started his company with one crew, a Bobcat and truck and trailer. Over the last 13 years Lee’s landscaping has evolved to become one of the Twin Cities premiere Landscape Design Build firms.

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