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Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas to Make Kids Smile

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Whether you’re looking to put a personal touch on birthday gifts, or whether you’re trying to make Christmas gifts a little more exciting, there are lots of fun ways to wrap gifts that will make what’s inside the box or bag seem even more special. You probably know that gift wrapping is important – the time and care you take with wrapping a gift well shows the time and care you took in picking it out. And for the little ones, especially, the thrill of opening a beautifully-wrapped gift can be almost as great as getting whatever toy or gadget is hidden inside. Here are some ideas to help you think creatively, and even some ways that kids can help wrap gifts for other family members themselves.

1. Make Your Own Materials

There are lots of things around the house you can use for wrapping paper – comic strips, newspapers, maps, anything that represents your child’s particular interests or personality. Even traditional plain paper can be decorated with crafting stamps and stickers. You can make bows and toppers out of folded tissue, adding ribbon or paper flowers. You can even use beads or lace doilies. Cut letters out of wallpaper or felt to make your child’s initials or to spell out messages, too.

2. Try Personalized Themes

Maybe your son or daughter is into soccer, ballet, science, or art. Match the wrapping paper and decorations to a theme, using whatever creative adornments you can come up with, like a soccer ball keychain, a miniature doll, a magnifying glass, or a paintbrush. Your kids will love getting presents that are obviously meant for them, and the elaborate gift wrapping will make them feel really special on their birthday or Christmas morning.

3. Make it Edible

One idea that is always fun to do at home is cover your gifts in candy and make them textured. You’ll want to use individually wrapped candies to make it less messy and make sure your kid can eat them. Gumdrops and peppermints go on with just a little bit of glue over wrapping paper or tissue. And at Christmas time, there are always lots you can do with candy canes.

4. Create a Gift Bag

You can make your own gift bags from some carefully cut wrapping paper, but another fun idea could be using department store bags or even reusable shopping bags, designed and decorated however you like them. Add some tissue and tie them with ribbon to give your gift a unique look – maybe even fill the bag with confetti or glitter.

5. Get Kids Involved

Gift wrapping can be a fun craft idea for the kids, whether they are helping with a sibling’s gift or one for a grandparent or friend. Give them blank wrapping paper that they can draw on, and all the tools they need to make masterpieces. Or let them make their own felt cutouts of designs they can trace. Whoever the recipient of the gift will be, they will love knowing that your child worked on it, and it will give kids a lot of pride. Plus, it is something fun to do together, especially during the holidays.

You should always shop early so you have time to put into creative gift wrapping if you choose. It’ll save you money and also add a personal touch that will let your kids know you were thinking about them and how to make their birthday or holiday really memorable. Everyone else will know how creative you are, but your children will know you care, and that’s what giving gifts is all about.

Carol Green writes for several decorating and craft sites and suggests using colored tissue paper for gift wrapping this season.

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