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An Infographic On Green Manufacturing Over Time

It’s no lie that we are in a worldwide eco-crisis. The tonnes of CO2 emissions that are pumped into the Earth’s atmosphere every year alone are not just shockingly scary, but are actually a ticking time-bomb of disaster. The manufacturing industry is one of the driving forces behind pumping out these emissions 24/7. So, the question remains; what are they doing to change their ways? And even more to the point, what is the true value of being green? Companies are now seeing the benefits of turning green; this infographic investigates the positives of doing so. Improved sustainability, improved staff productivity, reduced energy costs and spreading awareness are just some of the numerous positive outcomes for companies which turn green.

This infographic also highlights the most eco improved manufacturer for 2012; which sets the standard which all companies should be aiming for within their eco policies. What all manufacturers should learn from this company is that being green is not just about switching lights off when you leave the room, but about helping others around the world; and looking for innovative ways to effectively go green in all aspects of the term. Find out more in this infographic on Green Manufacturing Over Time.

Infographic courtesy of Distinctive Doors [click on infographic to enlarge]

Clay Miller
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