Environmentally Friendly Accounting Tips for Your Business

Small businesses the world over are trying their best to do things in a more environmentally-friendly way, and when it comes down to it, it’s not just business owners and entrepreneurs that have concerned themselves with this specific type of effort. In the last several years, the preservation of our environment has been a very rapidly growing concern, and it’s become evident that on the whole, we must investigate more sustainable ways of doing things. Plenty of us can adopt simple, easy practices to make everyday life something that has a smaller impact on the environment, and this is true of individuals and businesses alike. If you’re running the show at your business, it’s entirely likely that you’re looking for more environmentally-friendly ways of doing things, and have searched high and low throughout your company’s operations, trying to find ways you can clean up your act (so to speak). What you might not have considered is the potential your accounting department presents in terms of eco-friendly improvements. Accounting is certainly a pretty straightforward utility, and might not immediately seem like something that can be made that much more environmentally safe. We’ll talk about a few ways, however, that you can make your books a little more green and reduce your overall ecological impact in a big way.

First thing’s first — go digital. The computer is your friend, and by adopting more digitally-oriented systems, you’ll be able to seriously cut down on waste and storage, in addition to your consumption. Cost will likely go down, too, and that’s always a nice thing. NeatDesk offers a great solution along these lines — their program will scan and organize everything from business cards to invoices, and there are a number of other specific ways you can digitize your company’s accounting situation. Communicating more by email is another good way to encourage greener practices. It’s also a great idea to avoid faxing when you can. For the resources that you do need to use, try seeking out recycled materials. They’re out there, and do a lot to making sure you’re not using up too many resources.

If you can, use double-sided papers when you have to use physical printouts in your accounting. You might be surprised at how much this cuts down on waste and consumption, which are both things that the environment needs a lot less of. You’ll also be glad you put in the effort to figure out how to print this way when you think about all the money you saved now that you’re literally using half as much paper as you were before. Environmentally friendly practices like this can also set you up for some really nice tax considerations when it comes time to file, and visiting a site like can give you more information along these lines. No matter what your situation is, there’s an easy way to reduce your environmental impact via your bookkeeping situation. These solutions are only a few of the things you can do to run your ship a little greener.

Clay Miller
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