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The Best Eco Friendly Wedding Gift Options

When it comes to being a guest at a wedding, perhaps one of the greatest challenges is coming up with the right kind of present; one that both the bride and groom will enjoy for months and years to come—something that is super-romantic without being super corny; something that is timeless rather than trendy; something that will stand out from the rest of the gifts that will be on their receiving table.

If this is your dilemma, why not go the “green” route and opt for getting them an eco-friendly wedding gift? Does this sound like a good idea, but you’re not sure where to begin your search? If so, we have seven recommendations below that definitely will put a smile on any new environmentally-conscious couple’s faces:

Enroll them into organic cooking classes. Whether they are both experts in the kitchen or they can only boil water, it is a fun activity for new couples to learn how to cook together. Plus, if you go with a class that focuses on organic cooking, they both can learn more about preparing and eating foods that are better for their overall health and well-being.

Get some bamboo or cotton bedding or bath items. A lot of couples register themselves for towels, wash cloths and bedding. By going with items that are made out of bamboo (or even organic cotton), you are picking a fabric that is eco-friendly, but also long-lasting and economical.

Make a donation in their name. Being green is about being sensitive to the needs of the community. For this reason, it is always both sweet and smart to find out a charity or organization that the bride and groom are passionate about so that you can make a donation in their new married name.

Recycled glassware. Newlyweds tend to do quite a bit of hosting during the summer months and over the holiday season. A perfect addition to any place setting is recycled glassware. The great thing about this particular option is that it’s easy to find. Overstock, Target and Pottery Barn are two stores that carry it, just to name a few.

A year’s worth of plants. There are a lot of florists that offer a subscription to their company for the purpose of ordering a year’s worth of flowers or plants that can be shipped to the home of your choosing. There are many studies to support the fact that indoor plants are a great way to not only beautify a home, but also keep toxins out of the air as well. The English ivy, Braided Ficus Tree and the Boston fern are some of the plants that you should inquire about before making your order.

A home accessory. Simple home additions such as a low flow showerhead or electronic thermostat will be greatly appreciated by a couple that is conscious of the environment, but also want to save on their utility and water bills. You can either purchase an energy-efficient home accessory for them or get them a gift card to a store that sells the item so that they can pick it out for themselves.

Purchase season tickets. The Vitamin D from the sun along with breathing fresh air for a couple of hours can do just about anyone some good. A really nice way to thank the bride and groom for sending you one of their wedding invitations is to purchase them some season tickets in return. It could be to a professional sports team or even to a national park or reserve. Just so long as it’s outdoors and something that they will enjoy doing together.

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