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Nov 27

Top 5 Eco Friendly Bathroom Cleaning Tips

eco friendly bathroom cleaning tipsBathroom cleanliness is an important part of owning any home or business, and whether the building you’re in charge of is the place where you eat and sleep, or where a ton of other people come to do those things, you’ve got to make sure the lavatory is kept clean and presentable. Lots of solutions exist for keeping a tidy restroom, but as with any aspect of keeping buildings and surfaces clean, it can be really tough to get the desired sheen while also protecting the interests of the environment. This latter concern has grown more and more pressing in the last several years, as it becomes apparent how important it is that we find more sustainable and less impactful ways of doing the things we need to do on a daily basis. Cleaning is one of these things, and can have a serious impact on the environment by way of harmful chemicals, aerosol emissions, and toxic wastes. There are a lot of eco-friendly solutions for cleaning up in the bathroom, but even these solutions, intentionally marketed as being “green” and better for the environment, can also be expensive. We’ll talk about some of the smartest ways to keep your bathroom clean on a green budget.

1. Open Those Windows. If your bathroom’s got a window, open it. If it doesn’t, make sure it’s got proper ventilation. This mostly applies to bathrooms that have a shower, but if you’re homes got this, then you’ve got to make sure you’re avoiding mold and mildew. As it turns out, cracking that window when you’re done taking a shower and letting everything air out and dry off properly goes a surprisingly long way towards making sure everything stays clean in the long run.

2. Clean on the Regular. Wouldn’t you know it — your bathroom stays a lot cleaner and is a lot easier to clean if you clean it on a regular basis. You won’t have such a huge amount of buildup if you don’t give it any time to build up. Give yourself a schedule that has you giving the bathroom a once-over every week and you’ll use a lot less resources keeping it clean. Plus, it’ll take you all of 10 minutes to do.

3. Run a Fan. Another great way to keep that bathroom clean without using anything in the way of harmful chemicals or toxic nonsense is to just run a fan in there. Keep the air circulating so you don’t just have a wet, stagnant room — mold and mildew absolutely love that sort of thing.

4. MoldControl. If you’re looking for an all-natural solution that won’t put you out financially, then MoldControl is a great solution that’s pretty widely available. It’s a completely natural solution that’s entirely safe to use anywhere and will kill mold such that it won’t grow back. Look it up online to find a retailer nearby that carries it.

5. Go Waterless. Toilets are really easy to keep clean if you keep them waterless, and this is way better for the environment as well. Think about investing in something like a Falcon waterless urinal cartridges, as it’ll do a lot to reduce your water consumption. The nice thing about this is that it also means big savings on your water bill every month.

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