Generate Drinking Water From the WMS 1000 Wind Turbine

Around forty percent of the globe does not have readily accessible clean drinking water. Water, which is taken for granted by many, sadly does not grow on trees for a large portion of the world. A new innovation out of the French company Eole is a wind turbine – the WMS 1000- that is taking a shot at making water appear out of thin air.

The turbine is an incredibly green innovation and it works by collecting water from the air and then condenses it. After it is condensed it is collected and filtered which can be drank at the bottom of the entire unit. This is a dream come true for many people who do not have the luxury of having a water cooler located ten feet away. Not only does this incredible innovation provide water but it also obviously is able to generate electricity that can also help sustain life. While normal operations see the turbine collecting 62 liters per hour, the entire set up can provide over 1,000 liters of clean drinking water.

This entire process is ran on wind power so there is almost no upkeep or cost once it is installed and the estimated lifetime of the turbine is a minimum over 20 years. This will be a godsend to individuals who are located near a body of salt water but are severely lacking fresh water to drink. The ideal environment for the turbine to be constructed in would be an island nation as they rarely have large access to drinking water despite their proximity to a large body of water. The evaporated water off the ocean would be pulled in and condensed into the machine and this entire process is done with zero CO2 emissions which not only makes it amazing but also eco-friendly.

The amazing thing about this innovation is that there also is incredibly clean water produced. The UN World Health Organization has standards regarding what is acceptable and this method allowed for extremely pristine water to be produced despite the geographical location. There obviously is a long way to go to ensure that all of the communities of the world have clean drinking water however this is a great step in the right direction. Water is the building block of life and this amazing innovation, if implemented, will save countless lives.

If you want to find further information regarding the turbine I encourage you to watch the short informative video that they released.

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