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Eco Friendly Remodeling: 5 Ways to Greenify Your Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling is an exciting way to change up a part of your home that you interact with on a daily basis. We hop in the shower every morning (at least we should), we brush our teeth twice a day, and there are plenty of other reasons that bring us in and out of the bathroom on a pretty regular basis. Anyone who’s ever lived in a home will be able to tell you — the bathroom is an important place. It’s also a pretty sensitive area — between the toilet, the sink, the shower, and the bath, there’s an awful lot of water flowing through that one little room in your home (or two, or three, depending), and it’s up to you to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to keep your home protected from all that errant moisture. The bathroom is also a place with important implications on your home’s consumption — how much water and electricity you use in there can seriously impact not only how much money you’re spending on your energy and utility bills each month, but has an environmental impact as well. All this being said, it’s pretty easy to understand why the bathroom is one of the parts of the house that’s had the most attention paid to it in terms of eco-friendly developments. We’ll talk about five of the best ways that you can remodel your bathroom to make sure it’s environmentally friendly and completely safe.

1. Energy-Efficient Windows. Windows might not seem like something that can be “energy efficient,” but you’d be surprised. The right kinds of frame and the proper type of glass can make a serious adjustment to the amount of heat that’s kept in or out of your home, and can seriously help you out in terms of your heating and energy bills.

2. Better Fixtures. If you’re going to replace those showerhead and/or sink fixtures, think about giving yourself a nice upgrade. Better fixtures can not only make your bathroom look a lot nicer, but they can better regulate how much water you’re using. This has great environmental implications, and saves you money each month, to boot.

3. Avoid PVC. Ditch PVC in terms of your building materials. You can find cheaper alternatives, and it’s just not very good for the environment, in any way. You might think that eco-friendly building materials cost more, but you can find sustainable alternatives on the cheap if you look hard enough.

4. More Natural Light. Extra windows never hurt anyone, and if you’re doing a bit of remodeling, why not give yourself an excuse not to turn on the lights as much? Adding a window can seriously cut down on your electricity bill and will give you a cheap ventilation option, which helps prevent mold from growing.

5. Low-Flush Toilets. Toilet alternatives can seriously help you out in terms of your environmental impact. From low flow toilets to flush up toilets, there are a ton of different options that can help you reduce your impact in this area, and are a great way to greenify your bathroom when you’re doing some remodeling.

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