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Make Your Christmas a Fair Trade One


With the season of giving and spreading good will quickly approaching why not invest in something that will give joy to even more this year. Fair trade has been gaining momentum over recent years with sales of fair trade products growing 15% between 2008-2009. The movement aims to help producers in developing countries who have often experienced unfair trading conditions.

Fair trade promotes sustainable trade, ensuring that the producers are not ripped off when selling to developed countries. Fair trade also aims to improve environmental and social standards within developing countries to ensure that they continue to develop with high standards.

Why not make your Christmas more fair trade this year by sourcing fair trade Christmas gifts and really get the ethical message across.

Decorating the tree
Tinsel is definitely out of fashion, so what better way to source new Christmas decorations for the tree that by thinking about your fair trade options. There are some great baubles on the market, handmade and painted papier mache style decorations that all come with a unique element to ensure that no two are the same.

Christmas cards
Christmas cards are a must in many households, with Royal Mail delivering up to 150 million cards per day in the pre-Christmas run up. If everybody invested in fair trade cards this Christmas the impact would be huge. There are some great offerings on the market, with most big supermarkets now selling a whole host of fair trade products so you’ll have no reason not to go fair trade this Christmas.

Gift ideas
Giving a fair trade gift this Christmas adds something extra special to the present. Often these unique gifts come with a card stating their country of origin and noting that it has been ethically sourced. These are the kind of presents that can be truly treasured all in the safe knowledge that you are really making a difference to those who need it most this Christmas.

If your looking for some Christmas inspiration this year then you don’t have to look too far, with most major supermarkets and big online retailers on the fair trade wagon and small boutiques also offering great fair trade products you can have an ethical Christmas without costing the earth.


BIO: Alice is a freelance copywriter working for The Living Rooms, an ethical home ware shop in Norfolk that is offering unique fair trade gifts this Christmas

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